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  1. Amy McCready

    All looks great! But surely pre-made porridge won't last a week? It would get all dry and stodgy, no?

  2. Sarah Milner

    The twin half is starting to look haggard AF. So much for the healthy pompous lifestyle

  3. candiceangeli

    Your channel is one of my new faves… I discovered you guys through Entertaining with Beth…

  4. Tamara Kaddatz

    Thanks for showing that good, healthy food isn't so expensive. We just weren't taught the right stuff when I was growing up. Looking forward to more. I made black bean hummus yesterday. It's so much better than store bought.

  5. Francois Magny

    Wow, I just discovered your channel. New favourite.

  6. Lorrie

    When he put the curry in the bowl I saw beans, I believe, but I didn't see him add beans. Can't find recipe. Any advice?

  7. Shauna Carpenter

    I thought a scallion was a small, light purple-ish onion?

  8. 1operamom

    I am loving the oil free cooking, shows people that delicious food can be made without adding oil to the sauteing of vegetables.

  9. mortenya

    Cumin belongs in hummus. Most important spice.

  10. Nathan Maroney

    Hey. I'll be turning 40 in November and decided that veganism is going to be my birthday present to myself. However, I also want to be able to cook my children meals that they will enjoy as well. Maybe think about doing some video's on kid-friendly vegan dishes. I love your channel. Thanks so much!

  11. peter236uk1

    Love this so easy

  12. Sarah Strong

    Thankyou for sharing your recipes.

  13. Sarah Strong

    Looks delicious, but Porridge with Caramelised Banana is 100% carbs though, so not so healthy if you are concerned about blood sugar. It would be O.K for most healthy people if they were about to undertake reasonably vigorous exercise but not for those who are going to sit around.
    I know it adds to the cost but I would replace some of the Oatmeal with Ground Almonds & also add a few Walnuts for the Omega 3. I also eat my oatmeal uncooked rather than made into Porridge so it takes a little longer for the body to process. When losing weight it is a good idea to bear in mind that what triggers the body to store fat is sugar & the body turns all carbohydrates into suger pretty quickly.

  14. Msniko93 Nixon

    Add peanut butter to make satay

  15. Ben Kerr

    What's the protein like on this? Seems a little low.

  16. Paula

    The less ripe bananas are better for diabetics. Love your recipes.

  17. Natalie B. Mortensen

    the aqua faba (boiling water of the chickpeas) is a wonderful emulsifier for the hommus. It ,makes it incredibly creamy and intensifies the flavour 😉
    Thanks for a lovely video

  18. Fiona's Food for Life - Cook Eat Nourish

    Great video!

  19. Diss & Dad

    How would I store all these food containers?

  20. Little pony whip Whip

    I have been using your recipes from the recipes for happiness and everything I’ve made has been DILICIOUS and ridiculously easy. I love how you guys aren’t scared to use oil or salt or fats, just healthy nutritious but really tasty food. Super accessible for family’s too!

  21. Cathy Bryant

    This is absolutely brilliant!

  22. winebox

    Use the chick pea water from the cans.

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