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  1. Beatrice Powell

    I actually only tried this weight reduction plan after my colleague bragged over it. That is when I decided to join in because she lost 18 pounds as a result. Check out “sowo hope site” on google.

  2. Kucing Kurus

    This video is definitely wonderful! It helps me recall of times when my spouse used Fenoboci Diet Plan to get rid of 17 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most of us would like to lose fat, but we also require to remain healthy and balanced, and that is what Fenoboci Diet Plan gifted.

  3. LolaLaura1993

    I'm vegetarian and I'm want to go vegan but I don't know how to cook:(

  4. thomas harris

    It would be a waste for you not to lose body fat when other normal people are able to shed weight easily with Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  5. LaDell Griffin

    well I got to cut cheese out my diet.

  6. Shanice P

    Vegan for 2 weeks now👏I feel great

  7. Pearly Sias

    Girls, I want to share the experience of how to lose weight quickly @Emilie Kesinger

  8. tushar panchal

    When considering eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should check out Fenoboci Diet Plan on google since it isn't just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  9. Russel Khan

    This video has great advice, but I am confused about the best diet plan which i should use, only because I have never used any. Anyone tried using the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have noticed some folks talk about unbelivable things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  10. Airil Hazwan

    Yes, I too am guilty of jumping through diet plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every weight loss program that was available, but eventually not one of them made it easier for me to reduce and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Fenoboci Diet Plan mainly because my work buddy who told me incredible things about it and so far to date I've successfully lost 15 lbs within 4 weeks!

  11. dinesh gajurel

    vegan you are soo brilliant. i love u and video.

  12. Ricky Tudhope

    You rant about why people only drink cows milk, but people make cheese from goats milk and I've even seen sheep's milk I've cream.

  13. kathyrin lara

    Thanks a lot for this video sharing. It's a very necessary video for weight loss of all people. It is a Fat Furness Perfecta Solution.

  14. Kiera Lane

    I love this video, thank you for the tips! I'm a new video and this video is a huge influence 👏👏

  15. REM REM

    Guys, build muscle doesn't have to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Look for a diet plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan. Seriously, that program has transformed my life. I probably should not even be mentioning it cause I don't want a bunch of other folks out there running the same "game" but whatever, I'm in a good mood today so I'll share the wealth haha. 

  16. Danielle Poole

    There's an orb of light floating around the room..it paranormal..crazy

  17. oscar tien

    Hey guys:) Anyone heard about the Fat Blaze Factor (do a google search)? Ive hear some unbelievable things about it and my bro burned lots of excess fats with it.

  18. tigerlily

    Where are you from? I can't recognize your accent lol

  19. Zoe Sprong

    Great Videos !!! 

  20. Brie Brown

    Hey! Very informative videos you have here 🙂
    I've been ona vegan challenge for two weeks now, and I actually love it. I intend to stick with it for a few months or even the rest of my life. I just want to be HEALTHY. But as i've been tring to eliminate unatural things from my life I'm really wanting to know other people's views on birth control (pill, implant, iud's)
    I really feel like if I;m going to do it I should go ALL the way. Do you think implant birth control would negatively interfere with my weight loss and health?

  21. Kristian Taylor

    Hi, my name is Kristian and I'm 13yrs old and I'm very overweight I weigh 156lbs I am beginning this diet Nov. 30, 2014. I have many veganvegetarian and they are super small. So your witnessing my change thank you. (Could you give me a list of what/whatnot to eat ty.)

  22. Barbara Ian

    I don't drink any kind of animal milk but… people do drinks goat's milk, yak milk, etc… not just cow's milk. 

  23. Jannette A. Voss

     You should never waste your time anddollars and efforts on weight losssupplements or creams  because their results if any  are just temporary.

  24. Twigs

    Great video!

  25. 00SupperduppeR

    i wanna be a vegan but i dont know what to eat though a day. 

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