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  1. Holly Grams

    Both looks are gorgeous!

  2. strictly beauty

    5 best tubing mascara..blinc extreme longwear original tubing mascara….l'oreal double extend…..clinique lash power…MIRENESSE secret weapon is a natural/clean tubing mascara and lastly kevin Aucoin the volume mascara. Would have sent you the link to these articles but I'm a klutz and don't know how so… Regards Maxine xxx

  3. I Am Sam

    To be honest ,when I first saw the pictures of this I felt like it was kinda a boring collection but now the eye bricks are screaming my name 😹

  4. Ace Hardy

    Taking notes 📝

  5. Zoé Grant

    BTW your hair and make up look so good today. I feel kinda weird saying that as it makes me feel like I'm" like 16 and in high school " instead of a 52 year old

  6. Zoé Grant

    DHC does a good tubing mascara

  7. Zoé Grant

    Thanks for showing us the Thrive highlight pencil. I've been looking for something to replace what I've used for years ( Kevyn Aucoin champagne cheek highlighter that I use for my brow ) – but it sometimes looked too metallic like if I wasn't careful. This will be perfect

  8. Karolyn Anderson

    I’m honestly more excited about the new Thrive Eye Primer than the VB stuff!

  9. LisaD GingerSnaps

    Snitchery, dang I love that girl! And her cosplay looks are bomb. P.S. I feel like your evening eye "looks" bigger.👍

  10. Wrknmom2

    Thrive and glossier are tubing mascaras 😉

  11. Kristen Ricchetti-Masterson

    Agreed re: tubing mascaras! I’ve used and loved ones from Clinique (in a shimmery gray tube, $18ish), No. 7 in the gold tube ($10 from Target), one from Trish McEvoy ($32), a tubing/curling one from Kevyn Aucoin ($28), and Thrive ($24). They’re all pretty great! No. 7 has the best staying power and Clinique is the easiest to remove , IMO. I like the brushes on Thrive and No. 7 the best. Keep us posted as you find more! Blinc is the one I always see mentioned, though I haven’t tried it yet.

  12. Conscious Bee

    adds everything to cart 🤔🛒

  13. April Warren

    Love both looks! I’ll have to hold off for now due to coming back from vacay, but maybe I’ll put in a Christmas request!

  14. Jenny Jenny

    Blinc Volume. I heart the stuff.

  15. Figurista - Девушка с формами

    Clinique has tubing mascara and also Japanese brand Sensai

  16. Ryan Fay

    Makeup looked great! The night look was beautiful and not too much. Mariah Leonard did a simple smoky eye with the Onxy lid lustre so now I’m torn between which color. Surely I don’t need both 🤦‍♀️

  17. laura Sutton

    Both looks are gorgeous! Thank you for your honest review.💕

  18. D E

    I now have pink hair.
    And a basket full of VBB stuff..
    I need to stop watching you.

  19. Madalyn McArthur

    You always do the most beautiful looks!

  20. Shannon Rolfes

    I want all of this and maybe more. I'm glad you chose the palette you did. I think you're the first person to demo it. Both sides of your face look lovely! I did feel that Victor/Victoria vibe when you kept turning your head though. ☺

  21. billy28061979

    Your evening side gives me serious Rosie Huntington-Whiteley vibes (stop at 31:32 and you see what I mean).

  22. Chiara Federico

    Hi!! Thank you for reviewing this line, everything looks so beautiful. Pretty much all of it made its way to my wishlist, but especially that potted shadow.
    I'm glad you ended up liking what you picked up. Love ♥️

  23. JadeN

    Kevyn aucoin has a tubing mascara.

  24. A C

    If you wear contacts, the acuve define dailies help my eyes look larger. They’re like the western version of circle contacts 🙂

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