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  1. Jace Jacobs - Jar of Poetry

    Hi Patricia! You've had some great success. Keep on having fun. Namaste

  2. Round5fit

    This is such a cool idea! And i feel you. I am a trainer and one piece of information can make a huge difference

  3. George Chomakov

    awesome! keep it up!

  4. NonnaGrace

    Hello Patricia, 12 years wow! thanks or sharing your events. I hope you have a great turnout. 💕NonnaGrace

  5. Gareth Bretton

    this is great! ill have to see if i can make this happen!!

  6. Heather Kaye

    wish I was nearby, online?

  7. Iamycb

    Wow thank you so much mam for sharing this wonderful information. I am a dancer from Nigeria. I subscribed. I love love your channel.

  8. Björn Lundström aka The Old Blue Wind

    Awesome my friend😀👍

  9. YourNextCast

    Wow that is so awesome. Ashburn isn't that far from me. I'll have to do my best to see if I can make this happen…because I am YOUR SUPER FAN!! 😊👍🏽👍🏽 5th LIKE, will definitely share with others on my Facebook page.

  10. AllBodiesFitness

    Kick-start your weight loss journey before the big December holidays with an amazing seminar in Northern VA! Grab your tickets at the links below the video description through Eventbrite / PayPal. Can’t wait to see you there! 👍🏻💪🏼❤️

  11. Gina Loves to craft


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