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  1. Cate Rose

    Ok I loved this vlog Alice. I haven't tried that Flour and Fern place in Berwick, how does it compare to Mr Blacks? The food looks quite similar. Also omg – that Turkish Pide from Coles looks amazing! I've never tried it. I always just do the woolies homebred garlic bread in the airfyrer. How do you eat the Turkish Side? Just cut it up and eat it? Ohh and how has the move to Pakenham been? I remember ages ago on Vegan Girls Melbourne you were living somewhere near Dandenong? Noble Park? Your new place looks really really nice. Cool that you've got your own little makeup room. Also, did you say that the sun-fed chickn was "shit" or "the shit" xD I couldn't quite catch it. I really wanna try it.

  2. Emily Price

    Omg how interesting!!

  3. Shannon Mayhew

    Your kitty is so cute😭😍

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