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  1. Mom 2 teen & tot

    Got this deal, awesome!

  2. Donna Dominguez

    How do you or how would I make a second accout
    It Keeps me logged in

  3. atc17550

    How many total coupons do you need to purchase 4of the irish body wash? Does one MFC works on each one x4 or 4 dif coupons?

  4. Lisa Pressey

    hey I need to start shopping at Walgreen

  5. Beverley Wilson

    I didn't get the digital for 7,000 points for spending $25. Also I didn't get any of the digital boosters for a % off. My Walgreens doesn't have a beauty counter, so there's none of the paper 7,000 points coupons. I feel like I've been left out in the cold on the beauty event. Any way I can get these coupons?

  6. Nidia G. Gomez T.

    Alma I hope you can help me I got the 20X on beauty but didn’t tell me how much I have to spend

  7. Sana2889

    Hi everyone!
    Does 30% off $40+ purchase work with sale items? For example: revlon 40% off, Almay 40% off, and buy 1 get 1 for 50% off items?

  8. Lisa Spees

    Awsome job Heather Ty for sharing.. Ty Alma great deals I got 12k when you spend 40 haven't used it

  9. Jennifer Gongora

    I bought 4 Pantene 1 Irish spring 1 softsoap bodywash 2 speed stick DEODARANT 1 Almay lipstick 1 Revlon lipstick 1 Nexus mask 2 Shea moisture lotion on clearance 2 .89 each 1 Shea moisture shampoo for 2.99 and 1 Shea moisture body oil for 8.69 after coupons paid 14$ cash and reaceived 47000 points ..I was super happy with the 4 Shea moisture products on clearance ..I bought about 55$ worth of Shea moisture products for 12$ and used 10000.pts to pay AWESOME AWESOME DEAL❤️ oh and had 5$ off 15$ of Shea moisture coupon that brought my total down ..cashier was amazed

  10. Margie Forster

    I didn't get the digital coupon 🙁

  11. RD S

    All of these deals were AMAZING! Thank you, Alma.

  12. The TeacherAZ

    Hi Alma.. there is a problem with your questions on the face book group.. it won't let me put my answer in for the last question..i answered it in the previous answer blank

  13. Lisa K

    I wish I had bought more newspapers to get the Irish Spring and Soft Soap coupons.

  14. santa ana

    I had 3 register reward but they didnot let me use it

  15. Dee McKinney

    Love love this video and scenarios. I'm going Walgreens now and try. How do I join your team?

  16. Crystal VanHorn

    Wow Heather! Nice…

  17. Emily Zahn

    Im so confused…I did the razor deal, buy a refill, get a free razor…and a shaving cream…
    12.99razor, 13.99refill and 3.99cream…
    Got 5000 back..but i though i used the 7000 booster on this because I don't dont if I'm doing some thing wrong

  18. South county farm girl Co-op

    Great haul

  19. Brooklynsecrets Brooklynsecrets

    Walgreens app is still acting funny

  20. Lisa Davis

    I had the 7000 for $25 Beauty and 12000 for $40 spend. I used a deal from Running Komono, changed some and added to it to get to $40. I got 4 Irish Spring and 2 Softsoap…15000 points for that. Reached everyday beauty 5000 I used 2 digital and 3 printed coupons for those. Also got 2 Shea wipes $5 dc, whole blends $2 dc, mascara $3 dc, and a few more things. Spent $29 and tax oop. Earned 39000 points plus so many everyday points. I was so tickled. Thank you for your help couponing.

  21. Loretta Uppercue

    Although I've seen several people show the $5 off 2 Shea moisture coupon, and they purchased soap, the one I have specifically states, bar soap excluded……I guess it rings through anyway for them

  22. Melinda Cash

    I found that the lysol wiper are ringing up buy 1 at 2.49 get 1 free….the smaller bottles and then use coupon after that…. lysol buy 1 get 1 free( wipes,toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom spray)

  23. Kate Lin

    Do you need one coupon for one item? U use 9(including 4 off 20)coupon for 8 items.

  24. Sana Jabeen

    What items are included in* beauty*?

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