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  1. one cute couponer

    Need food? Here's a Walgreens food couponing video https://youtu.be/6_FNbN3L6SA

  2. Ashley M

    awesome deal, paid $16.06 with tax, got back 21,000 points. thanks for posting the flyer on ig, I took a screenshot and was able to help not only myself, but another customer who did not have the flyer. <3

  3. Sweet Pea'zzz

    I love you so Much! #OCCGang#GangGang

  4. Grace Babbitts

    Thank you for walking through the deals again.

  5. Christine Kennedy

    You need oh happy day after these deals! 😂😂😂

  6. Adam Barta Official YouTube Channel

    Publix is having an insane deal on Advil right now… two 100 count bottles with $14 in coupons off!!!

  7. otprayer warrior

    Did you have a amazon code for sheet sets?

  8. otprayer warrior

    lol!! The church music was hilarious! Thanks for the tips!

  9. Denise A.

    Love the Walgreens deals you always put up because you explain things so easily

  10. J Henry

    None of the stores here know about the 7k promo. Located in Illinois.

  11. catherine barlow

    I call them sunglasses

  12. steph r

    Threre is a RR printing at the counter when you spend $15 on Revlon colorstay cosmetics only

  13. Lakeysha Surcy

    Let the church say amen to the shades and the stacking of the coupons lol.

  14. Lionheart Dragonfly

    I am confused with digital 7000 points (and other digital points that I have). I clip them and spent enough for them to be redeemed but they never do ?? What I am doing wrong?

  15. Shawna Staggenborg

    Do we have to get the Irish Spring, or can we get two Softsoap? I have a printed coupon for Softsoap, I HATE Irish Spring scent LOL! For people that don't know, there are also printables for a lot of these as well, so if ya'll wanna do more of this transaction, print them too. I literally just google brand name plus coupon, and find them.

  16. Tonya Aguilar

    I say both.

  17. Snap-Shot-AHP

    Also just a question? I thought you had to spend 20 after the coupons. Is that right?

  18. Sherry Heard

    My store told me they didn't get those $7 flyers & suggested I try a beauty store with a beauty consultant but couldn't tell me where there is one. This is my first time trying beauty. I am very discouraged. Deep breath. Trying Google.

  19. June Gonzalez


  20. Cayce John

    Can I make my total $45, and then use 20,000 points, to make it $25 ?

  21. Ashley Gibson

    Girl you crack me up it made my day watching this 🙌 hallelujah can I get a church up in hereeeee 🤣

  22. CJ Spicy

    😂😂😂 Girl you took it to Church you made me want to say Amen….. 😂

  23. Allison fink

    How do you find the beauty coupon in the app? I can't find it

  24. Ashley Erwin

    I went shopping/ couponing yesterday and I got two boxes of tampons for completely free after ebs and coupon. I was so excited I got great deal yesterday including alot of meds and allergy meds that were 90% off and saved $195 and only spent $14. I killed the deals thanks to ur videos. Keep up the awesome work

  25. Satina Swain

    Hello! Awesome deals. I'm going back today. However, my 12 off a $40 purchase didn't come off. My total savings was $32.98, Subtotal was $17.10 & 19.25 oop after taxes. Should I call customer service?

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