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  1. Yoyo Yiyi

    Porque tienes unas orejones.

  2. ximena s

    Thank you for all the beautiful words and encouragement so excited to start my glam room myself soon 💗

  3. ximena s

    I love all your glam rooms thought the years they’re even more beautiful every time 💗💗

  4. Trendy Talia

    Beautiful beauty room and walk in closet! I love how girly it is. I’m looking forward to seeing your handbag collection in the future. 💕

  5. glamourpink makeup

    Everything is so pretty💝💝💝💖💖💗💗💖💗💗

  6. Alex Green

    Hello there, awesome video you've gotten right now.

  7. Marifer C.

    Goals 💖🥺

  8. Emma Killingsworth

    You are such an inspiring woman Thania, you motivate me to keep following my dreams💕 and your room is so beautiful!! Love you😘

  9. Pinkalicious Shabby

    🌸Hi Thania I love love your makeup room I have seen this video 5 times and I will see it 100 more

  10. 7192179

    Soooo pretty!

  11. Ashley Vaeth

    What three businesses? I thought she only owned the lash company

  12. Kawaii Puff


  13. Kawaii Puff


  14. Raquel Madrigal

    What color is your walls 💕

  15. Muffin & Me

    💖 that is definitely a nice way to hide your coffee.

  16. Stephanie Zamora

    I love your too it's beautiful 💖

  17. tj leonard

    What a pretty beauty room it's so beautiful…

  18. Rebecca Mckeel

    Really pretty! Great storage ideas👍💖

  19. rasha ali

    Beautiful pink and girly 😍

  20. Bellaleny

    ✨nice video 😍 love pink 🦋 new subscriber 💋

  21. DolledupTiffany

    💖 I just love you . So girly and and pink like me lol never stop. Keep growing and glowing !! 💗✨💕💋🦄

  22. Elizabeth Whitten

    Ahh your beauty room is gorgeous!! 💖

  23. Krystin Beauty

    Ok sis your definitely starting this year right with this video it’s heaven in a room

  24. Marisol Rodriguez

    Loveeeee your beauty room 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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