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  1. Sandra Wadden

    Wanda is a beautiful woman 😍

  2. Javi Ruiz

    Love her

  3. Gabriela Cardona

    Yeah amazing and brave.❤❤❤

  4. Gabriela Cardona

    Omg so funny even when sick. God Bless.❤Thank you for speaking about your experience and creating awareness.❤❤❤

  5. Krystal

    She is so FUNNY.

  6. Nova Fury18

    You can really see that as she's telling jokes and stuff there were tears in her eyes. God bless you Wanda Sykes

  7. Buzzy'sHelper

    Thank goodness she had HEALTH CARE INSURANCE !

  8. Cecorra

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  9. maidmoira

    so sad that only 3% of women can afford this

  10. kelleydavis100

    I absolutely ADORE both of these women!!!! Thank you for all the laughter, you are both a gift to us all!❤️

  11. PDZ1028

    I admire the hell out of Wanda Sykes too. She's strong, hilariously funny and so amazing. Love, love, love her!

  12. albert combrink

    LOVE and RESPECT to both these people

  13. Lisa Rice

    Wanda is a very brave woman, and I love her attitude and humor!!

  14. J Guy

    Wanda is amazing, didn’t know this until now

  15. Liz Gichora

    WOW!…You're Awesome

  16. Marie Perrakis

    what would I do without Wanda? since being ill I can laugh with Wanda.Thank you so much Wanda

  17. Brooke Casey

    Wow such a strong woman! She is just too beautiful! #WandaforPresident2020


    OMG the strength she has, also a very funny, cool, human.

  19. Lani Jauregui-Hansen

    Fantastic woman. Just keep doing you, Wanda. Just keep doing you.

  20. lollipopss30

    Wonderful human being

  21. Ajeya Chauhan

    she's a legend.

  22. Willtakemorethan_

    What a great person

  23. Rebecca Chen

    love herrr

  24. kuda bonga

    Bless her!

  25. jennifer jordan

    God bless her

  26. Bernadette Bailey

    God bless her. I hope the cancer never ever comes back!

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