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  1. Christian Peterson

    Lep I’m the hood come to do no good

  2. Bobbi Rakus

    I subscribed


    YuB Nub sup brother! 🙂

  4. Marleny Ibarra

    Porque no aces película s de terror the Leprechaun

  5. Dan_was_here

    So satisfying!

  6. Luis The Turquoise Cat_Official

    Dagger Wicket Dagger!!!!

  7. Dan_was_here

    Please Upload more videos!!!

  8. Biebergraf 6

    I love you Warwick Davis! The Leprechaun series is one of my favorite things ever!

  9. nathaniel sadler

    Hi Warwick Davis i love your movies.

    My most favorite one is WILLOW i would love to see a sequel they can call it


  10. YoureABabyGeniusSC


  11. Ben Middleton

    My mom has melanoma cancer. Luckily hers is in remission

  12. Ben Middleton

    Stand up to cancer by legalizing cannabis

  13. Batracio Cascarudo

    I want me gold!

  14. Katie Rose

    He came to my school

  15. marve the fitte destroyer

    unsubbed, ur content is gay now

  16. Danny Boy

    Hey Warwick Davis your like the best actor ever you played in the wild Wild West and the leprechaun congrats to you

  17. willo


  18. Roberto Ron Gonzalez

    I find it incredible the work that you do the good actor that you are and it gives me a lot of anger that you do not recognize your achievements as you should, and sincerely, fuck those who criticize you, keep it up, dude, and thanks for continuing to help and Teaching people, and thanks oor appear on Netflix! Hahaha

  19. Fatty Flakes

    Warwick Davis smashes leafys content

  20. Glebigoz S

    Warwick do you remember Chinthurst?

  21. Cage War

    Leprechaun 7 please

  22. pixelfreak98 clashfreak

    Warwick Davis when I was watching your movie Leprechaun when that guy is beating you up with a flashlight they change actors who is the other actor.

  23. MiniGrant

    amazing idea

  24. pixelfreak98 clashfreak

    Warwicks the best

  25. MoarRainbows

    And it was on this historic day that Warwick Davis single handedly defeated cancer and saved the world, gud jub

  26. Ben Butler-Trewin

    Warwick have my babies

  27. Jocelyn Velez

    I love you Warwick:)

  28. www.DrumsTheWord.com

    Therefore, I have no idea… = true.

  29. www.DrumsTheWord.com

    The area demolished = f: -> LOTS. f = Demolished area / area left over, therefore nothing makes sense…

  30. Amber Howes

    well done couldn't of done it any better my self

  31. SevereRepugnance

    Courage Willow!

  32. M S

    "If you offered me a cat I'd do a swap" Karl pilkington but all seriousness well done Warwick, cancer effects someone close we know and hopefully this raises more awareness

  33. xXMinniNinJaXx

    I don't think it's that simple…

  34. edward

    …Well done.

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