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  1. jemm yayyay

    How can I get treated?!?! I hate my seafood allergies so much and shrimp is my biggest one 🙁

  2. Kodie Munier

    I am allergic to prawns too

  3. ItsMickeyPbaby

    A friend of mine is allergic to shellfish but she says she has eating it for 10 years by taking benadryl b4 to consume it, is that safe?

  4. fiddle knuckles

    I'm Allergic to Crab and Shrimp and its so sad because I used to love it so much…… Its been about I guess 6 years since Ive eaten it again and before I knew I had an Allergy I got an Allergic reaction twice and when I couldn't breathe we went to the Doctor and they said I should avoid eating it again because in my case its deadly ;-; Never eaten any seafood since that incident and Ive been looking for a cure or something that can lessen the Symptom's effects but I cant find anythinggggg

  5. NOVA718

    I'm allergic to sea food

  6. Black Hawk

    Do this thing and eat prawns allergy free link below

  7. Black Hawk


  8. Chelsea Iwunze

    What am I allergic to?? I THINK I’m allergic to shrimp but I can eat fried rice if I pick out the shrimp, but I get a VERY mild itchy throat/lips. I can also eat fish but with itchy lips/throat. I have never tried crab/oysters, lobster etc. PLS help

    edit: the last time I actually ate shrimp was like 8 years ago and I had trouble breathing, swelling, itchy throat/lips, hives ect

  9. Arick Miller

    As long as I've known. 10 years! mo-mo. I dont know….you look older than 10.


    Do you treat kids

  11. Asadian Belifont

    Rub the shrimp on your balls. That's the ultimate test!

  12. DerrickMz

    Im allergic to seafood too but not catfish why is that

  13. dennis kurama

    I am allergic to eggplants , shrimps and tambakol (kind of fish)

  14. Enrique Ramirez de Arellano

    I would like to know about the treatment…

  15. Mercifull Siri

    I am allergic to all sea food!

  16. L. V.

    Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness Center

    Hello I want to know more about your cure. This is long terms right? My wife of 6 years is highly allergic to shrimp. She’s able to eat most shell fish from oysters to muddle to clams to squid & mollusk though she don’t like them. The only shellfish she enjoys safely is crabs.

    That means anything in the shrimp, crayfish, lobster family she’s unable to taste. It’s been always my dream to have her cure so she can fondly taste shrimp & lobster. I find myself suffer sometimes as I enjoy it & she couldn’t. Also I can’t cook it at home nor touched it, in fear I may accidentally kiss her or touch her after encountering the shrimps.

    Please let me know I’d like to see if it’s something we can work with to cure her. Thanks.

  17. Habib Elasmar

    Can anyone answer this? I have eaten shrimp and shellfish all my life (17 years old) and would even say shellfish and seafood is my favorite. Just recently after doing some blood work I discover i'm allergic to shellfish. This seems so surreal to me because I have literally ate entire plates of the stuff and haven't experienced ANY of the symptoms listed by the allergy. Can anyone explain this? Is my allergy just extremely mild? or am I lucky i'm not dead?

  18. genie121

    My husband just got one!!! He's 31 years old! Never had one. His legs have come out in hives. I feel so bad!

  19. Shine A

    How to be allergy free?

  20. Godsdaughter80

    I'm Allergic To All Seafoods That's Suck

  21. Amber Dennis

    When I eat chicken from a seafood place I get diarrhea and upset stomach and my face has turned red. Could I have a severe allergy or??

  22. Az Slump

    I was helping my mom peel shrimp skin and now my finger is swelling but when I eat shrimp nothing happens. I only get skin swelling when I’m peeling the shrimp skin and nothing else

  23. It's amazing how many foods have a shellfish sauce or flavoring to them. I help people be able to eat shrimp all the time in our office by retraining their nervous system to like shrimp and other foods again. Then they no longer have a bad reaction! I would love to help you all be able to eat shrimp and other foods again. One allergy always eventually turns into 2 turns into 4, and so on. so the sooner it's fixed the better life you will have and enjoy.

  24. Please enter a name

    Oh how I wish eating shrimp 😢 Been 3 years since I ate shrimp but……. Im allergic to it.

  25. Kenny Johnson

    What treatment is involved in order remove the allergy?

  26. Robert 00

    I developed shellfish allergy, It sucks I like Crab and Shrimps alot

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