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  2. DrRhopnop Opldop

    Should I be pooping yellow stuff? It’s like highlighter yellow.

  3. Jenna *

    Ok 22 hours in and no smoking or food .only water. I smoke about a half a pack a day but i figure if im detoxing my body to eliminate it all .gonna try and water fast for 7 days. Do you think its healthy to be quitting ontop of fasting i feel like i will pass out if i smoke.

  4. hellkatsurian

    I’m on a day ten tomorrow will be day eleven. I’ve been feeling nauseous right below my sternum. It makes it difficult to walk I feel better when I sit down and relax. Do you know how long this feeling will last?

  5. Barefoot Prof

    Starts about 2:26

  6. Kent Webb II

    Love your channel….I work 12 hour shifts on a 2 days-on, 2 days-off, 3 days-on, 3 days off rotation. I water/dry fast on the days I work and Intermittent fast on my days off. Is this okay to do or am I defeating the purpose?

  7. ace spades

    On day two of my fast I felt so horrible. I ended up eating 1 oz of baked chicken and all my symptoms went away. But after that I did not keep eating and am now on day 4. The only thing I've ate was that chicken. And I feel pretty good, no more symptoms.

  8. posetive vibes only

    1st day on my water fast got a pimple on my face 😂. Ok so its normal

  9. surya roka

    Mood swings.. Irritated

  10. Ordinary Spider

    Hey, you probably won’t answer this but on day 6 i fainted because i stood up too fast and that caused me to end my fast, is this a detox symptom? Did i do the right thing by ending it.

  11. Yasmine Dey

    I used to experience headaches due to having the habit of drinking coffee, when I gave up coffee I didn't experience headaches anymore during fasting. Dizziness I usually experienced due to lack of protassium, a tick of himalaya salt helpes the lack of electrolytes. 😉

  12. shesallaboutthebusiness

    can fasting get rid of hives?

  13. enjie pedia

    if you throw up you dont have enough electrolytes in your body consume salt

  14. Killjoy 2030

    I’m on day 13 of a 25 day water fast, it’s pretty crazy. I’ve been nauseous for 2 days and I got summer school because I’m stupid, I threw up in my book bag this morning. That sucks, but nobody saw it and good thing is that the throw up doesn’t smell!! I’m so gross

  15. LumpyRex007

    if i die, its just part of my detox.

  16. Natalia Malik

    Yup, I’m on my third day and I just threw up bile, I have IBS so it was probably trying to get rid of a bacteria.

  17. Edible Creations

    Sloppy Joe is a weird craving lol

  18. Fish R Relaxing

    Headaches are dehydration through mineral imbalance. As a pinch of regular table salt to your water..

    Ok the majority of what you’re describing is dehydration symptoms. You’re not hydrated by just drinking water! You need sodium chloride and potassium chloride more importantly. (Table salt lol) in first few days of a fast you’re excessively excreting sodium in your urine as your body flushed itself. Especially in the first 48 hours specifically.

    Cold or hot.. dehydration. This is how your body controls core temperature.

    Throwing up many times is also dehydration.

    More often then not you’ll find men reporting these symptoms vs women. When women do they are usually near or just coming off their cycles a lot hydration minerals are lost through the mental cycle.

    It’s widely accepted that women should not do more then a if fast around cycle time. Especially at the end/beginning. It’s wiser to break fast and actually increase carb intake during this time if on a keto or modified Adkins type diet. You want 350ish carbs a day during this time. Many needed hormones such as estrogen come out of the insulin cycle. With reduced or low carbs you will have issues here. Minor or major it’s just better to break diet and fast and introduce some extra carbs and get insulin levels slightly elevated during this time. As for men.. it would be wise to do so at the same time lol. There is no harm in this. In fact most recent studies are pointing towards keeping a vetting diet as being more benefiting over time then sticking strictly to any diet variation period. Keep doing the same thing long enough and your body will always adjust to it and as such you’ll get demising results.

    Prime example is there is a young girl who’s been documenting her adf for 392 days and can’t manage to remove the last of her belly fat. It’s simple.. she’s been in the same fasting diet for 392 days! Her body has adjusted and she’s no longer getting results. Her body thinks it’s starving and is preventing the last fat cells from being consumed. You need to eat some pizza and fried chicken once in a while. As some spaghetti to that as well. Think p90x workout but with dieting. Even keto is not recommended to be done for now then 6month at a time by experts in the field. You need to keep changing things up or your body will adapt no mater what it is. That’s why fasting works so well. You’ve been eating crap for your entire life and now changing the game plane up.

  19. Dan Wick

    Why undercut the value of this information with loud music then normal level narration. Stopped watching FYI.

  20. Joel Cecilio

    Hey my guy I just finished a 7 day water fast, and I messed up because I thought ramen broth was okay so I drank it for my first meal to break my fast…. I’ve been watching different videos on what to eat to break a fast, please help because idk what to buy to eat after my fast, and also I’m going to do this for 3 weeks next time

  21. angie Brookes

    Hi please is anything taken in between this water fasting I wanna try it

  22. Melody Cura Almarez Bedwell

    Today is my 5th day of my 40 days water fast. I am not hungry at all but I feel so weak and my chest hurts whenever I move. Is that normal?

  23. Kroneexe

    Will these symptoms come if I intermittent fast? Specifically with a 4 hour eating window/20 hour fast.

  24. Derricaaa

    Would you recommend attempting a water fast while working a physically strenuous job?

  25. Show and tell with CJ

    I have a sore throat, body weakness and a headache.

  26. Marquetta Harrison

    Is it just me or does he look like a educated R' Kelly?

  27. Pamela Mason

    What if you are on daily medicines for various medical health reasons is this type of fasting going to be safe?

  28. P Henderson

    I have better periods when I fast on mine and I have fibroids

  29. Tamako Suel Bi

    I threw up on my second day I was shaking and felt weak and felt ill….after a few minutes I threw up a yellowish bile…after I threw up i felt like I am in heaven…I felt really great so.. is it normal or did I just broke my fast??!

  30. 「 死人 」探偵

    Ugghhhh today is my third day Lol and I feel like I'm going to puke and I feel so nauseated but I'm not giving up 😪😪😓

  31. Ho Lee Fuk

    Im on day 9 of my waterfast and i feel horrible, im nauseous all the time and i know im supposed to be drinking atleast 2L of water but i cant.. all i drink is like 4-5 glasses of water each day because i feel soooo nauseous and drinking water makes it even worse. I don’t have any energy and I was originally planning to do a 20 day waterfast but i have to go to college (i have to travel pretty far) for an important meeting but i can’t while im fasting because I honestly think i might faint or puke on the way there, so I probably have to break my fast before the meeting and im very upset bc of it. I’m really hoping that I will feel better soon so i don’t have to break my waterfast before the meeting.

  32. 821elz

    A woman’s menstrual cycle is detoxification. If a woman were to fast during her cycle, she may experience additional symptoms that she normally has. Examples- more cramping, more moodiness, more break outs. It may be extra unpleasant, but it’s kind of like an extra elimination avenue that men don’t have.

  33. E Anderson

    I'm on day 5 of a 7- day water fast. Lost 9.3 lbs so far.
    Here are my detox symptoms:
    1. Extreme fatigue (Morton's Lite salt has potassium and helped a whole lot today)
    2. Weakness
    3. Awful bad breath and coated tongue
    4. B.O
    5. Restless sleep
    6. Fever
    7. Low blood pressure. (I usually have high blood pressure and take Meds. I stopped the Meds after day 2)
    8. Feeling cold, even with thermostat on 77 degrees

    FYI, if you have headaches, it may be caffeine or carb withdrawal. I don't drink coffee, but when I used to drink it and started a fast, the most sick I've EVER felt in my life was when I went through withdrawal of caffeine. The remedy is to wean yourself off coffee a few days before the fast. Drink plenty of water. But get this: Activated charcoal was the game changer. It draws out poison of any kind. Ambulances keep it on hand for poisoning victims. I no longer drink coffee, but I do drink black tea each morning, which has much less caffeine. Still, I take Activated Charcoal for a few days up to the fast, and even if needed, 1-2 days into the fast. I no longer have headaches from caffeine withdrawal.

  34. Rina Duran

    My symptoms are:
    – Diarrhea
    – Nausea and Vomiting
    – Extreme Exhaustion (I have anemia though so this is normal for me)
    – Occassional Heartburn and Cramping

  35. Krasy Nova

    Hello and thanks for the video.
    I'm on my 6th days water fasting today and since day 3 I feel very weak. I am only in bed. Tomorrow is my last day. I won't be able to hold longer.
    First thing. Today I did vomit, but nothing came out, absolutely nothing. People say they vomit acid juice or something.
    Second thing. Since day 2 or 3 I have abdominals pain and pain in the rib cage area, and sometimes it's very painful. I have it all the time, but at some movement it Hurst badly.
    Any thoughts what this two symptoms can be in my case?
    Thank you

  36. J Patt

    Went on 7 day and 21 wf don’t re eat correctly and developed kidney stones don’t be like me

  37. Rashon Snyder

    Hello everyone lately I've been having lower back problems on my water fast is there any solution that you have?

  38. Poco Loco

    Need Help Here
    I am in my last hours of second day and i am feeling muscle pain.
    Is it normal or should i break my fast.. Help me … I want to water fast upto 10 days without harming my BODY…. PLEASE REPLY FAST

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