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  1. Dakota Bennett

    Just finished day 8 of my water fast and I'm extremely obese and acid is making work horrible and every other moment unbearable as well.

  2. Ghanim Alhajji

    Its my 3rd day and im having acid reflux now, i looked everwhere online and i dont like the idea of adding lemon or acv because i tried it before and it gets worst, please did you fine any solution for that? Can anyone help with real experiences?

  3. L Thommas

    hiya! THis is exactly the reason i do not fast. My fiance swears by it but he only does about 36 hours max. So the reason that i think this happens is because your stomach acid is low. Your stomach is basically alkaline because you are not putting food into it. this does not happen to every one but it does happen.

  4. Kat~

    This happened to me at about the 20 hour mark. I was SEVERELY weak after about 12 hours and could barely make it up and down the stairs. I tried to push through it … read up about the water vast and GERD and after throwing up at maybe the 15 hour mark read about ACV, took that 1Tof ACV and 1t of lemon within an hour threw that up too! I had sweats, acid reflux, a bad headache, felt dehydrated although I had drank a Gallon of water by this point and was very weak. Ended the fast an hour or 2 before the 24 hour mark!!! It was BAD and now it's been about 4 days after I ended it and my stomach has been off. Still trying to get back to a healthy GUT 🙁

  5. Shaun W

    Apple cider vinegar in your water if you feel the heart burn. Knocks it right out. People think that heart burn is mainly due to your stomach being too acidic but actually it can be cause it’s too alkaline as well. The brags AC vinegar will restore the ph balance to your stomach.

  6. Armando Silva

    I saw this girls video where she shares her experience on skipping meals and avoiding carbs even healthy carbs . then she started to feel some bloating . she then started to feel more symthoms getting worst she went to the ER and got tested and she had sibo . i think fasting produces to much stomach acid .

  7. Jess Loses

    Glad you made a video on this! I broke my fast on the 5th day due to the severe acid reflux I was having. Hope I can find out why it happened.

  8. g whiz

    That happens with a lot of people it will go away eventually , there’s worst things than heartburn , like obesity for instance


    What did you do to make it go away

  10. Sheila Kirwan

    I am also recovering from a water fast …….very difficult …also my first water fast was great …..on the third day I threw up lots of clear liquid, then dark green, then yellowy, then brown …..very weak and still feel like I have been punched in the chest …..so would be very careful …my first one was a water fast as a meditation retreat in Asia with a great teacher ……
    So just beware!! !

  11. Big Beautiful Me

    I think the quality of water you drank may have had something to do with it. Tap water is acidic whereas spring water is alkaline. Maybe the acidity was hars on the stomach. Just a thought.

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