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  1. Angelica Navarro Garcia

    You’re so motivational, please read my dm on Instagram @angxlxca_

  2. Carolina Gonzalez

    I love watching these journeys I’m excited to see her reach her goal and continue her journey after she reaches her first goal

  3. Sammy G

    Janet is doing so amazing, so proud of her 🙂

  4. Jazmin Dominguez

    I need a trainer like you!! Where are you from?

  5. Amanda Bellard

    Girl, u killin it!!

  6. Jessica Dominguez

    Whaat , where can I get a trainer like that?? Mine doesn’t reward me lol jk 😂😂😭

  7. MsMiyagii

    That’s so sweet. You seem like a really caring guy who is dedicated to your clients and reward them. Africa saw that and married you right away lol

  8. Mayrie Johnson

    Afrika face when she ask for the sport bra 🤣 she definitely when shopping too… you guys are amazing God bless you guys…

  9. 17716 Mia

    Omg thank you Mr. Bootyking I’m seeing a big big difference and the more definition the more I wanna keep going! Shoutout to Janet and Afrika behind the camera for being so supportive! You guys ROCK! 🍍 👉🏻 🍕🙌🏻🥰🥰🥰❤️ good shit!!! 🤣🤪

  10. Karol Garcia

    Let’s go jasmine! I’m seeing major progress!!!!👏👏👏

  11. Carine Belle


  12. Jasmine Anguiano

    Not gonna lie new gym gear really is necessary I feel like I got to kill it more at the gym with it & it gives me more confidence idk lol, that was so nice of you guys ☺️

  13. Kglamourr

    I was like “oh he wants me” Lmfaooo omg I love herrrr 😂😂

  14. Jessica Bravo

    She actually did 16 !!! Not 15 GOOD JOB Booo !!!!

  15. Norma Nallely

    Nice work Janet !! Keep it up !!!

  16. Mayte Saucedo

    That is so sweet of you to reward her with a shopping gift. I think having new gym gear is always a great motivator

  17. Liz Marquez

    How can I qualify for one of those transformations?

  18. Sheep!:D

    I think clothes shopping, especially when you realize your a smaller size, is the best motivation to keep up the hard work because you like to see the results and how good you look in a new outfits👌🏼 am so happy for her!! She’s doing bomb 💣 and killen the workouts

  19. Aryani Peres

    Yo quiero que me entrenen asiiiiiii 😢😢😢😢😢 She is doing such an amazing job with amazing help I’m sooo happy for her ❤️

  20. Lydia Darline

    The new intro is dope but my opinion no one asked is you should keep the old intro but ADD the new one at the end. 🤓

  21. Lydia Darline

    We love Janet! Enjoyed the shopping spree! 💕

  22. Cin Ma

    Push ups are tough, way to go Janet!

  23. mrs voice

    3:29i want to marry this girl

  24. Julie Bluee

    3:30 how adorablee

  25. Rebecca Garnica

    It’s “do as many as you CAN” could is past tense 🙈🙈 Rooting for Janet!! I don’t want this series to ever end! She’s doing amazing 💪🏼

  26. Leza Rodriguez

    I genuinely appreciate your humbleness. I’m a young mom struggling mentally and physically and to see people that are so giving is so healing. So glad there are people like you put there & so proud of all the women you’re helping reaching their goals 💛

  27. Samantha Ybarra

    This was such a nice thing u did for her shopping spree

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