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  1. Dhruv Agarwal

    Please make video of fennel can we take two to three spoon is there harm please I m very confused

  2. sudhan D

    Can u show some recipes with rolled oats

  3. AskPadmaDiY

    Great info !please do a video on what to eat for glowing and radiant skin 😀✨

  4. My Dream World

    Hi mam . Pure monthly grocery list dekhaye mam

  5. Prabh K

    I am obsessed with you beautiful ladies… I love you both… Setting really good example of good relationship with you daughter in law and vice versa♥️♥️

  6. Gus Gomez

    Hello thank you

  7. mohd javid

    Hi mam..good channel..

  8. Manisha Siddiqui

    I love your mother in law…. She is full off energy⚡⚡ n 😊😊😊she's so smart. Masha allah. 😘😘😘😘😘

  9. shabnam idrisi

    Hii dear
    Plz make a vedio on pragnancy first month's dieting.jisse jyada weight gain na ho mujhe PCOS bhi he or mera weight 83 kg hogya h ab Mene concieve Kiya h to me chahti hu ki esi diet lu jisse heath k sath weight gain na or jyada jisse delivery k bad loss krna mushkil hojaye. To plz first trimaster ki deit vedio plan btaye isse bht si girls ki help hogi.😘😊

  10. Alia pious

    You and aunty are super adorable

  11. angel sona

    i love ur videos….mam

  12. M.N classes

    Hi, manju…..i am very impressed with ur diet plan and all your videos are very very good……..if possible, then pls make a north indian diet chart for kids to loose weight ……..

  13. Yogita Gulati

    To aapse contact kaise kare

  14. Yogita Gulati

    Hi Mam I want personal diet plan

  15. Hena Bedi

    Such a wonderful grocery shopping video. Both you and your mum look super cute and very healthy . Lots of love. Really like your channel.

  16. mini gupta

    Hlo mam mjhe weight reduce krne me diet oats ko shamil krna hai pls btaiye kon kion si recepies ghr par oats se bna skti hu pls btaiye..or pls btaiye konse oats prefer krege aap.. Quaker wale jo dabbe me hote hai ya khulle milte h raashan wale k pass.. Suggest us.

  17. Devangi Bhatt

    Mam, no plastic ki awareness ke bare video bnaye. And hr video me Logo Ko yad dilaye km se km plastic use krne k liye. It's a humble request.

  18. Naheed Azeem

    Always love watching your videos stayblessed and happy.'

  19. Devangi Bhatt

    Milets mtlb kya hota he?

  20. Priti Mahida

    Nice & healthy shopping

  21. Samiullah Salman

    topic bht acha tha i like it

  22. Ashmanpreet Singh

    Dadi I love you

  23. Veda Sindhoora

    the "I'm not a plastic bag" covers are made of plant starch it seems…just for info…but if anyone has any other information on them, do share…we are all trying to go plastic free and every bit of knowledge helps…another options is to go to zero waste shops or ur local kirana ppl with containers for grains, groceries, oils etc…i remember our grandparents used to do that…now most cities have atleast few zero waste stores…especially organic stores… 🙂 🙂

  24. Nissa Shaikh

    I love ur maa is was my first person on YouTube and I love her,😘

  25. seemva

    Good suggestions manju. Best wishes for your parents, family. I noticed you did not buy grapes. grapes are in season in aug, sep , October.I eat few grapes early before breakfast.Take care. Seemi from Virginia.

  26. Nahid Ali

    Hello mam! I m a big fan of urs. Your videos are no doubt amazing. One think i don't like is that uh mention 'for weight loss' in ur every video. Its more important to stay healthy and fit rather than thinking about weight loss all the time. Sorry if i said anything wrong. Its completely my thinking and i thought i should share this.

  27. Shreya Verma

    Ma'am I love your channel…but I request you to buy groceries from local or small shop…..

  28. Muskan Rayeen

    Wowwwwww she is your mother in law


    I like that not using plastic bags👍

  30. veena rao


  31. priyanka mohanty

    Liver detox ki video banaiy plz mam it's request

  32. shaj ammu


  33. Neeru Zoya

    Mam plz make video on millet recipe

  34. Smita Kashyap

    Ma'am fatty liver topic par bhi video banaiye please, highlighting what to eat and what not to eat…….

  35. adhvika rana

    Ye aapki mother in law hai ya apki mom hai mayke se and hubby ?

  36. Mohsin Sk.

    Please make a video on daily routine for weight lose in pcod please please 🤗🤗 🤗💖💖 💖💖 💖

  37. Sailaxmi Panigrahi

    Very helpful video. Thank u…….

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