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  1. build a dyson sphere now!

    19 dislike from hpv virus

  2. CatGirlGaming 828

    Im a 13 yr old girl…but its not common to vaccinate against hpv in my country so i didnt get vaccinated…

  3. Nat the Onion Ring

    Sorry, but this vaccine turned out to be more dangerous than helpful due to complications – mainly among physically active girls. After more research had been conducted, the doctors who used to reccomend vaccinating for HPV spoke against it and denied prescripting them to young girls.

  4. p0tat0

    you didn't really cure it, nor can you. you are trying to prevent it

  5. MobRoss

    >eradicating a form of cancer
    Good job youtube

  6. Dank Bear

    what about the men

  7. Sath Sah

    Just anither labproduct of big pharma

  8. Sath Sah

    This vaccine was tested in india. Many got complication and died.

  9. Baron Whitemann

    Jeez,make cure for lung cancer i want to continue smoking

  10. artloverr

    Educational and good but we already have HPV shots in my school in Ontario

  11. Bv's Animation

    This is helpful nice ad

  12. Kaustav Dey

    How do we get involved?

  13. DomiChippy


  14. janrenee80

    Great video

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