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  1. john doe

    Similar to my situation, I had food coming up to my throat for a month, with my mid-upper back bulge disk pain, I finally realized the reason.

  2. blastman8888

    Looked like his neck stretched out 3 inches when you got him with the ring dinger

  3. Johnny GT-CA13

    Bish is fine tho.

  4. T U

    Quality work Doc 👌

  5. Miljenko Popović


  6. atom

    How do you know if you need this? I don't really have any issues but the ring dinger just looks like it would feel good.

  7. From Point A to Point Z

    Superbeast mode. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Miss Piggy


  9. DV

    How ineffective is chiro that you would need it twice a day?


    Now that’s a ring dinger!

  11. Pudatoo

    They told my wife that they had to adjust her 4 times a week for 2 months, then twice a month for a year!…is that normal?…what do i need to go visit you?..thanks

  12. Leahcim Nworb


  13. Justin Oertel

    I wish I could visit, Doc.

    But I’m all the way up in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada!

  14. Chad Bedwell

    Hey Doc, Would Love to see a Video, of the Patient you said come from L.A. that had to lay on his Back with his feet up the whole trip. Would Love to See Some of that Footage!

  15. Andrew Cunningham

    3:58..the sound and relief! NJ is far from Texas yet i'm seriously considering making the pilgrimage to vist the good Dr.!

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