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  1. Bbygal098


  2. Semanur Shn

    Its just me or they snapped differently on that one, each outfit is sooo goood on another level 🙌🏻💕💕

  3. Daisy Victoria Nicol

    Ye girls should do a Joker style vibe . Or DC vs Marvel.. Or villains or heroes. It be great

  4. bruna who?

    love all of them but esme’s fit was bomb for real 🔥
    girl i can’t handle all that 🤤

  5. Paloma Flores


  6. D E

    i can't get over how pretty esme is wow

  7. T. Gordon

    Jasmine shoulda won 😞

  8. Terence Coston

    Esme’s fit was 🔥🔥🔥. What I would’ve done was took the cuffs of the varsity jacket and added it to the mesh sleeves to give it more of a finished look. Then would tried to take some of the green printed leather from the varsity jacket sleeves and made either some patch work or additional straps that hung from the back

  9. Ness Vagana

    I would've done put on one of the sleeves on esmes

  10. Jay notVersace

    esme looks so immaculate omg

  11. Ruben Figueroa

    Why does faith have the Home Depot commercial song as her outfit transformation music 😂😂😂

  12. Desirae L

    For me, I would’ve used bright colors and I would’ve made an mcm matching set

  13. Desirae L

    Anotha banger‼️❤️😈

  14. Jade Ramos

    I would have gotten the army green utility jacket in a bigger size in order to be able to wear it as a dress. Then I would wrap the waist area with a black leather mcm fanny pack. After that I would paint a black and orange dragon on the back of the jacket. Lastly, I would pair it with some black leather thigh high boots.

  15. Lana Holl

    MCM is so iconic this is honestly fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Elisia Carter

    Anyone know where Esmes jeans are from at the beginning with the flames on them? Or are they a diy?

  17. Savannah Brandt

    oh my gosh y'all i ESMES LOOK FIIIIIRE! I would costumize this windbreaker tbh: https://de.mcmworldwide.com/de_DE/neuheiten/damen-windjacke-aus-nylon-mit-camouflage-print/MFJ9AMM17VG00M.html?cgid=new-arrivals
    I'd spray paint the MCM logo on the front of it like really big in the middle in some babyblue-ish mix, let the color run/drip from the letters a bit tho to make it look a little distressed. The sleeves: I'd : put some zip-tie/tactical utitily belt right around the parts where my elbows would be to kinda separate the upper sleeve from the rest. Lastly, I'd replace the little squares with bablyblue mesh…
    honestly girls y'all are crazy everyone's look was a total 100000/10 keep it up kweens

  18. IsaRo

    Like if we tryna get Halloween fits

  19. Maggie de Ciutiis

    am i the only one who read create iconic customised pieces for mom at 1:20

  20. J Donut

    Hahah best episode

  21. Lizard1

    Faiths was best no CAP

  22. ni slim3

    “i don’t know what i do but i always do that” 💚

  23. ni slim3

    ooooo loved this collab your outfits were all fy 💚

  24. Casandra

    Essssmeee is so fine like 😍🥵

  25. Isabella Constantino

    Bruh I would hella customize a strappy harness type dress or top out of those leather pieces w the patterned pieces. Every single piece they made was incredibleeeee

  26. Mia Mizan

    If I could customize an MCM outfit, I would have used the jacket Esme used and some black pieces from the collection because black and army green have been my fav colors at the moment and I have been really into bandanas lately so I would add patches of that in the outfit

  27. Brodie Romero

    I can’t enjoy these videos anymore because I’m always at school and I lost my headphones. So I’m watching this with no sound 🤧🦠

  28. carolina filipe

    Well Jasmine should've won! Her fit was fiiireeee

  29. Tulia Falhay

    Loving the new way of showcasing the fits 🤩

  30. carolll Dajanna

    jasmines fit was so cute!!!!!!!

  31. Naomi.A

    My favourite outfit is definitely esme’s🤩

  32. hannah firkins

    IDEA! I would LOVE seeing a challenge where you have to style fits based off of what other ppl buy there. for example if someone picks up that item to buy, you can get it. You can’t take things that no one picked up! it would be so cool to see who styled the best fit off of strangers clothing styles!!

  33. alexa celeste

    Jasmine freaking bodied her fit , I love it

  34. milla mann

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  35. Essa F

    And yall better give Esme some CUTE CUTE if she gotta give her stuff away😭

  36. Essa F

    Feel like Angel came out with a simple outfit just so she wouldn’t win. Which I would do too I mean damn MCM aint cheap.

  37. Carla DM

    Man I really want to start costumizing my clothes right now. It’s also quite environmentally friendly just up cycle your clothes.

  38. Klara Novacic

    i wanna se them customise nike air force ones but like a nickelodeon fit too

  39. Rehiana Kuel

    one of my favs episodes 🤩

  40. oralia ramirez

    I want to be a fashion designer seeing people who love fashion as much as I do is so cool 💕😊 ps esme is fireee 🔥🔥

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