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  1. Wayno LSFL

    Omg that hogson head drop haha sorry that got me in bits 44:35

  2. Robin Völkering

    What u do is so incredible nick!!! Luv u and the community❤️ +Nick28T

  3. Giles Gobey

    It was a pleasure for another year, my friend.. Love you man.

  4. BulkyNemesis

    So sad couldnt donate. You will forever be blessed.

  5. Evan Watkins

    Simply incredible!

  6. GTait95

    What's the song at 43.55?

  7. thomas kiely

    Fuck cancer such a good stream ❤️

  8. B- Turner-

    Congrats nick massive thank u for what u have done much love

  9. MokasHD

    Proud of being part of the Nicknation

  10. ETHAN Williams


  11. Chris Casserley

    Thank you Nick, as much as you say its us, you brought us all together and put yourself through the stress of the 40 hours and everything that comes with it. You have built an amazing community on twitch, between Armellica and Christopher1236 (and other mods) its a great place to be.

    Managed to do the full 40 hours this year, got my two F*CK CANCER shirts this year. It was insane just sitting there watching the amount go up and up, knowing that it was going to be doubled aswell, and unreal effort from everyone in the community. Love to everyone who watched/donated, thank you for helping to bring back Sven <3

  12. Philip kehoe

    great job nick but how do people hit dislike on your is shocking great job again raised 160.000

  13. Been Skilled

    Nick you did an unbelievable job and are an inspiration in trying to make a pathway into helping cancer research

  14. Thomas Pombart


  15. Cristian Stefan

    Hey Nick! For cancer research there is an app I use, they say it helps making calculations overnight, only when your phone is charging and above 80% (if you don't start it earlier).
    It is made by vodafone fondation, called dream lab 🙂 no ads or anything, but ever since I installed it, I try to charge my phone whenever possible.

    p.s. love your PMR2G and your work!

  16. Ethan ramsay

    Great to see Ethan all grown up not saw him in ages

  17. Hassaan Ali

    Nothing but love for what you do, I swear everyone who donated and hit you up during the stream but it takes a big man to ask people to give. You inspire me to be better and there's a reason I'm going to summit an 8000m in Pakistan next year. Hope my little 200£ donation can go a long way. n28LUV

  18. DarcyBWFC

    Bless up nick. GG my dude

  19. coco clown

    Watching Nick with his wife and kids just loving life is so fucking pure and heart-warming, much love brother, forever an inspiration to this community💙

  20. The_Scottish_ G

    The work you do for cancer research is absolutely amazing my grandma past about 6 years ago to breast cancer and your vids bring me joy everyday and the fact that you do so much for cancer Reach is just truly amazing keep up the amazing work man much love❤️🙏🏻

  21. The_Scottish_ G

    Hey Nick are the shirts still available to get even after the stream is over I don't know how to find the merch site

  22. adam whelan

    Congratulations Nick keep up the hard work ❤️

  23. Alec Bayeur

    Congrats to you and your community

  24. Marcus Robertson

    First class nick 👏🏻

  25. Fabian Zimmermann

    This is awesome! You and your twitch community are something unique. ❤ and btw, since i saw how much your kids (and steph and you) love confetti, you'd have to give switzerland a shot in the springtime. During are carneval (can only speak for Basel) the whole city is covered in confetti for 3 days 😊

  26. Matthew Maplestone

    fucking love you NICK!

  27. OCS

    Nick you are truly an amazing human being. Just shows what can be achieved with a positive attitude. Best bit is the confetti with your family.

  28. baraa azabo

    You always keep us like a tied rope together to do these things for the good in our heart. Nothing else will always make me happy then you Nick and this freaking awesome community we together have. Habibi you done all well and i wish you nothing but the best in life. Love from BaraaAkaSilenkillyou ❤

  29. Zozo 42

    What a stream !!!! Legendary NiCKT You should be proud of you Respect my guy! I was here for at least 20 hours of the stream

  30. Uncle Jam

    What an absolute gem of a human you are Nicolas! Well done to the whole community, f*ck cancer!!

  31. jack johnson

    This is really cool from Nick raising amazing amounts of money for cancer research and thanks to the community we have reached $160,000 which is just crazy. love this kind of stuff.

  32. OlioliOxinfree

    Oh hell yeah! I made the highlight reel! My life is complete! Love you Habibi!!!!

  33. Ben Parker

    Incredible Video, glad to be there for 30+ hours of it. Much love Nick <3

  34. Mr Big Head

    The video I've been waiting for 😎

  35. Julian Contreras

    i love your channel, your energy your vids you inspire me…thank you❤️

  36. Christopher 1236

    Glad I was able to be a part of the stream for most of it, proud of everything you have done and are doing for not only your family, but for the charity also. 🙏

  37. Siddhardha Kondragunta

    Incredible effort. Proud to be a small part of it too. Keep doing it and we will keep supporting it Nick ❤️

  38. Eric Van Tuyl

    Was hoping the video was monetized, just to see if youtube would have the balls to try to snipe this vid 😂😂

  39. Mick Devlin

    Was there for almost 28 hours of the stream, it was an amazing stream! Congrats on raising that money nick! Fuck cancer

  40. Anthony Younes

    nick is goated, the charity stream was amazing

  41. Mouse Cop

    Honestly so proud of this community. Thank you, Nick, for doing this every year.

  42. Armellica

    Behind every cloud is a bit of sun…
    It's unbelievable what a community/family can do!! Glad to be part of best community on twitch 💙💙

  43. JJ Wright

    Let's go nick. Much love for all u do for everyone ❤❤❤❤❤

  44. Theo Yates

    How did I not see the hair clip 😂😂

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