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  1. ekswAyZee yee

    The voice of the girl is amazing..they blend so well.

  2. Rock n roll never forgives m/ Best

    I was expecting him to rip a guitar solo. I’m sad

  3. Avery Cianciolo

    Loved this 😍😍😍😭😭😭

  4. M W

    Very emotional 😭

  5. J’s. Adventure’s

    In tears rn😭

  6. Dovid Tzvi Admoni

    I couldn’t stop crying it was such a special song! Your mom is smiling down from heaven every time you sing!

  7. Joseph Casillas

    "I don't wanna go, just know that I have to"

  8. Almaz Batayev

    I hope my mother's cancer is gone for good.

  9. Sachin Parker

    You know it is good when no-one in the audience makes a noise until the end.

  10. Ivy Kadzo

    " My baby boy is gonna lose me" and " I gave you life, now you gotta watch it leave my eyes"😭whoa!!! Very powerful lines. They get me every time.

  11. KNazir69

    No golden buzzer?🤨 Damn they were good!😍😍

  12. Lurisha Haase - Robinson

    This song gets me hard because my mum had cancer and she almost died last yr and people cuss me and my mum and when people cuss my mum I get pissed because they don't know what we've been through. She's alive at work helping others and that's why you should respect your parents.

    They could leave you at any moment….

  13. Jessica

    am i the only one whos eyes are balling

  14. ed

    I dont want my mom to ever leave me and that's why I'm sobbing

  15. Markus Schmidhauser

    produce an album

    i will buy one

  16. Ley Ria

    Where's the box of tissues at😭😭😭

  17. Dami's Vlog

    I keep coming back

  18. Drelezar

    I’m not the biggest Mel B fan but bless her Fr Fr 👏🏻😢

  19. Kimberly Romero

    This song always gets me in tears 😭

  20. Holty2k6

    Why do they never lets use see the reaction from the judges it cuts off at the end

  21. Elise

    Why the F*** did they not get the gold buzzer?

  22. Rosie xoxo

    “I can hear the tears coming from my daughter “
    Every time sheeeesh it gives you like that inside sob before you start to ball 🥺🥺😭😢

  23. Rosie xoxo

    Watched this a thousand times cried a thousand times 💔💛

  24. Sparky12355

    Just beautiful

  25. Taylor Veenendaal

    I’m literally sobbing😭❤️

  26. Wolfer Night

    I'm crying

  27. M WH

    Easily one of the best AGT performances

  28. lucas D


  29. SPTZ katigbak#7


  30. Trinity Phar

    I listen to the prerecorded version and I’m fine, but I listen to this and I cry. I FEEL the emotion.

  31. spitonmebeckbennett

    This version is so much better than the Spotify version smh

  32. Asgaard Blood

    This beautiful song even makes grown men ugly cry.

  33. Heather Crane

    They are amazing

  34. track9music2007

    Well ugly cry here it comes

  35. Walker Killer #1 Wainwright

    The sister is gorgeous


    If this didn’t make u cry 😭

  37. Rebar07

    I’m not crying…you’re crying

  38. Shavanah Skilton

    I would listen to that on the radio for sure

  39. Emmanuel Enisan

    Wow! I'm not crying


  40. Daniel Almeida

    Damn who cutting onions

  41. Saphfire


  42. Melissa Hendricks

    Did they forget that there was a golden buzzer because they deserved a golden buzzer

  43. cpecpecpe

    Have Stage 4A Ductal Prostate Cancer. The thing that brings me to tears is not what the future holds for me but leaving my best friend, my wife by herself. God Bless.

  44. Megan Mcardle

    76th time watching this n I’m still cryin

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