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  1. IICatLovezero142II tls

    ;-; matpat changed the icon. Hes truly a hero

  2. Evan Drogosch

    So was so cool. thank u mat pat for this knowledge😁

  3. Geniex -

    did she play on get out

  4. Sir Pumpkin

    Remember when matpat use to do plays and sing


    I hope you reach your goal Matt

  6. Brooke and Chloe’s Game club

    I wish I could donate and help

  7. Just a dutch guy

    PLS do a teory that exsplayns the lore behind lil mis.fortune

  8. Willow Faded

    Just saying, but put F in the chat for how bad cancer is

  9. Ensley Smith

    Who is queen Vanessa in the hat in time

  10. The CiB

    My Brother used to be a patient there. He also has his own tile on the wall right outside the cafeteria going towards the waiting/doctors rooms. He passed away a few years ago, but St. Jude did what they could to help. And thankfully, with the cancer he had, he lived twelve years. I thank them every day for giving me the opportunity to remember and even give me the chance to know my brother. His name was Jonah Barnett, and I'm glad to say he's my brother, even after he passes. And I'm so glad you guys are support this hospital. You guys are amazing❤️❤️

  11. Chicken Chaser

    Honestly, channels* like Game Theory are what make YouTube…. YouTube. You don’t really see this stuff brought to light on a platform that can reach millions of people. Matpat, and the entire theorist team did an amazing job conveying how important it is to know what kind of solutions are out there in the world. All while remaining humble, and genuine. I teared up when Mat said he did because I felt that energy. The ability to hope, and not fear. I just hope the FTC realizes that there are some really great people who are spearheading this platform and are doing some amazing things with the revenue that they make.

    I swear if I ever make it big on YouTube, St. Jude is the charity I’m donating to. Hands down.


  12. Doubledasher

    This is very heart warming to see, thank you for this

    And I swear if COPPA takes this down because it has children in it we better riot

  13. Haxcks

    Is that your son In the thumbnail?

  14. Saturn Love

    I’m going to school for medical lab technician, and seeing how dedicated everyone working at St. Jude is to helping kids makes me so inspired and I would love to be apart of the team ♥️

  15. Carlos Finch

    I'm not crying. You're crying.

  16. random person

    is that the Russian badger?

  17. ItsAioa


  18. Wannabe 1 Me

    My mom: you better be watching something educational
    Me:Yes I am, seriously.

  19. Brandi BBright

    Like to cancel cancer 👍

  20. Microwave

    Why did 300 ppl dislike this?

  21. sylve wild

    I have a friend with brain cancer so this was a dream for me

  22. Danny Danny

    She's so prettyyyyyy <3

  23. Julia Gonzalez

    Use guys are the nicest awesomest kindest coolest fricken people Ever

  24. Quinn North

    Hay guys I’m so sorry I can’t donate

  25. Happyfuz1

    Y'all are just;; so nice. I wish there were more people like y'all in the world.

  26. sans the skeleton

    Matthew, thank you, I watch many videos on other channels, and u see them do little jabs at you…it's not right, they, aren't right, I know you don't necessarily comment on that and you don't have to, I mainly wanted to tell you that you are an incredible human being, and we all should be thankful that there are good people like you, Stephanie, and your entire crew, so on behave of all your fans…thank you.

  27. random boio

    All these on topic comments are great and all, but why is no one mentioning that at 9:10 therussianbadger is in my game theory video about St. Jude?

  28. Nyx

    Wow this is perpetuating cancel culture you guys are so toxic 😔 #cancelcancelculture

  29. Kuroji

    looks like this is a good charity to donate to since the "cure for cancer" wont be controlled by big pharmaceutical companies to rack up profit.

  30. coolkillerdayz Emeraldmineshaft

    9:10 therussianbadger

  31. Lauren Jackson

    Aww they changed their profile picture 💚🖤

  32. Mystiqueird

    Best of luck for the charity stream! Sadly I have school and a concert to attend, so I won’t be able to join the stream for very long. And I hope that we can raise enough money to make an impact! Best of wishes!

  33. Varchasva Vigya

    He is sold

  34. Varchasva Vigya

    Isn't he overreacting….?

  35. feitocomfruta

    Forget the waiting room, let’s get the Game Theorists’ Arcade and Game Lounge!

  36. DolansxChamberlain

    im literally forcing my parents to donate rn

  37. Muhannad Mansur


  38. FandomKid210

    Me seeing the new channel picture.

    Also me:But hey, that's just a theory… A St. Jude Theory! Aaaaand out.

  39. StarlightTheHDprincess

    This is one of the reason I love u guys. I mean helping to cure cancer, even doing a live stream for it with other YouTubers. You guys are amazing and I wish there were more people in the world like u Game Theory

  40. sxxdgetatrraRYUQ MoldovSan

    why you took a dab : (

  41. Glaceon Snowflake

    Did you change your fxcking logo?

  42. PotterBlack 04

    OMG this is the best hospital EVER!!!! I'm kind of shocked, actually😂 wow, I mean, I with everyone thought like they do

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