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  1. R.J.

    More videos I watch… The more problems I realize I have. I believe I have weak gluts, lower back pain, hip issues, and knee issues. Time to get to work on these issues.

  2. no no

    You are a godsend.

  3. Saideh Pakravan

    Great hip workout. I learned a lot, as always with Jeff's videos.

  4. lucasj1000

    What if full extension causes pain and popping in the hip joint on squats and deadlifts? I do a lot of glute exercises and still have this issue

  5. Mary Jo Gore

    Jeff, Please Help! I have been lifting weights for years but after an ankle injury a couple years ago I have never been able to get my squats back where they were. I blame dormant glutes. Aside from the effects of the ankle injury, I have a job that forces me to sit all day. So I'm sure there's anterior pelvic tilt. My question is twofold: First- now that I've admitted my problem to myself how long should I expect it to take to fix it? Second-is there any exercise that will force my glutes to fire and not let my low back take over. Thats what I feel like is happening.

  6. Ezee

    my entire back is really weak and prone to injury really easily. I've sat in a chair for too many years and now that I want to train I can't :/ I keep hurting my back.. I feel like I need physical therapy to get to a simple baseline before I can even do this stuff.

  7. Don Young

    "A weak-ass is never a good thing to have or be." This guy is entertaining and very informative, thanks Jeff. Hands down the best YouTube channel on proper training.

  8. Starr's Pest Control Miami

    Thank you! This sequence was delightful! One suggestion I have is a little more release of the lower back at the end. I have a very tight piriformis so it was quite painful to lie in corpse pose in savasana. To solve this, I did a few supine, slow camel riders ( tinyurl.com/y2htdsl3 ) and a supine twist and then I was able to be comfortable in corpse pose. I hope this helps anyone else with this issue!

  9. Manish Tyagi


  10. resurgem

    I dont want to be a "weak ass"!

  11. artur kalausin

    Thank you! Very helpful.


    Reduce talking please
    Give us exercises only

  13. Anand Bissoon

    Jeff's advice has lowered my lower back pains by 50% thus far.

  14. Glen Risk

    Thanks again mate. I was confused for a second about the hip thrust bit? Other video's talk about the danger of pushing forward at the top of a dead lift but clearly they are referring to arching the back rather than squeezing the glutes.

  15. 4thlord51

    Don't have a weak ass… have a tight ass. Jeff says

  16. Twisted Soul

    Squeeze ur ass ok get it

  17. kestutis markauskas

    Hello. I have problem with upright stance of my body. I feel that left leg presses ground harder ( so it is shorter i gues than right one) my right shoulder tilted up more than left one, i have scoliosis, roundened shoulders and humpy back. Trainer said that some muscles are shortened. Well probably because of some fight sport practices which i have been doing unhealthily. Also least pleasing feelings are feeling of settlement in hips and i feel like i am having my chest settled. So my question would be: how to lift it up (chest) from there and pull it up. How raise outside my chest instead of having it dubbed in. Which kinesitherapy or excercises could be done to fix myself.
    Even i look athleatic, i have big lean muscles and great abs, i do reallly feel unconfortable about how warped i do look. Would appreciate specialists advice.

  18. UCAbears18

    Can you post a video on whether someone needs to see a physical therapist or a chiropractor? I'm having pain ranging from my quads and hamstrings up to my lower lumbar. Is it an alignment issue or unbalanced muscle groups? or both?

  19. ali baba

    Thanks for the vid men

  20. Daniyal Khan

    Damn sir u solve m problem thanks 👍🏻

  21. jmzsil

    I have a 11cm gap in my left hip, how do I adjust to avoid making things worse? Thanks in advance.

  22. Sara Isola

    When I’m doing these exercises and fully extending, the front of my hip gets tight and tired quickly, how can I prevent/help this? Thanks!

  23. Buck Nasty

    My lower right side hurts like hell, this has made workouts (back and legs) unbearable, hopefully this helps


    I tighten my glutes unknowingly n from your your video it has proved that i should continue to do that

  25. DeKeizerVanRode

    This actually helped, thank you.

  26. Yanire Mahabirsingh

    Wow. I never knew the glutes had to be engaged when doing those exercises. After years of doing them wrong for so long, It's no wonder my back is shop weak. I'm always aching. Thank you!

  27. Javid Bencosme

    Glute ham raise machine?

  28. Mental Vacation

    I was going to open a can of whoop ass, but turns out it was weak ass. I watched a previous video about lower back pain of yours thinking it was click bait, surprised that it actually worked. So here I am watching another video of yours. Your channel is great with all these tips.

  29. Scott Johnson

    Ah, very interesting. Could be why my lower back is stiff today squats and deadlifts yesterday. Thanks Jeff

  30. Enzo T

    Jeff, I really appreciate your videos. I have suffered from back issues most of my life. Your exercises help my back.
    Thank you!

  31. saffatac

    I have had issues with this for the past few months and wondered how when my squat technique (I thought) was good… but I never looked at the top of my movements. I just trained today for the first time in months without any back pain and my glutes are dead! Haha thank you soooo much!!!

  32. mike private

    Great video. Just what I needed as I Have Lower back pain and weak glutes and weak core. Doing planks and abs will help core but this will pull tension off lower back by strengthening glutes.

  33. Ahmed Ehab


  34. Samuel Magana

    Whenever I land on athlean-x after a google search I know I'm going to be here for a whileeee…… great video just with they were a lot shorterrrr

  35. Drzfts man.

    Damn. Tbh most concise video thus far on the glutes I’ve seen. Contraction is key,
    Honestly Thank you!!

  36. Daniel Nowakowski

    There is no better fitness channel…..

  37. MH D

    This changed my life. Huge back pains for fuckin yeeeaaars!!! And now its gone after 3 months hardcore training the glutes!! And the interesting part is that no doctor could see this.

  38. Andrew P

    My lower back hurts and my legs need to be stronger!!

  39. Jeffrey Rubish

    After 30+ years of office work my glutes were in suspended animation. I started working on contracting them while stsnding and even just sitting. You can do this while driving, too. Really helped with overall posture

  40. One Ugly 95

    I was doing deadlifts for the first time in my life (mind you I'm 6"0, 270ish lbs.) And I tried doing 10 with 45lbs on each side of the bar and i was dying, i did them but i was dying. Hes doing them with so much ease lol. I did just start working out and dieting a week ago but still

  41. Ahmed Shkara

    Good video. Also funny 😀

  42. Beyond yesterday

    Actually it's too hard to find a good trainer in South Korea. When I know your videos, I feel in the heaven. I love you Jeff! #NoHomo
    제프형 고마워!! ㅠㅠㅠ

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