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  1. Jewell Gray

    I looked up videos about fake Labor. And every video I see everyone is 32 weeks, which is where I am at. Due next month. Im not big AT ALL!!!!

  2. Tru Artist

    I gained 50

  3. Savage Sam

    Cow position works

  4. Cindy Fad

    I feel u im 32 weeks so ik

  5. Rone Dreher-coe

    Ive gained 52 lbs (171lbs) and im 34 wks 4 days. And at this point im experiencing lower back pain.

  6. Charity Hess

    mine are uncomfortable hate this part of pregnancy.

  7. Katira Shawn

    Aww it's so round and small lol congrats

  8. Lauren Nicholas

    Thanks so much for talking about lower back pain and braxton hicks! Good to know im not the only one experiencing them like crazy! I love that shade of yellow on you by the way! Very pretty!

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