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  1. Season Johnson

    Do you ask or say anything before you use the microwave, or do you just walk over and put your food in?

  2. Betty Cummings

    Congratulations! I lost 2 this week!🎉

  3. Rebecca Kramp

    Lost 2.2 this week! My goal is to get as many blue dots as I can this week. It will be a chaotic week as I’m starting back to work after having the summer off. ( I work at a school ) It will be a busy week as I adjust to my work routine again.

  4. Donna Andrade

    Great job!!

  5. Laura Ward

    Yay! Congratulations on your loss I did the wendie plan and i lost 3lbs!!! Yes 3 whole pounds im super excited. I feel the same way about walking I always get up and dont want to do it then I go and I feel amazing! Thanks for all your inspiration. Have a blast at fall fest!😊❤

  6. FrekiFitWolf

    Congrats on the 1.2 pound loss! My weigh in day is Sunday. keep up the great work!

  7. Beachgirl52

    Love your lashes!!

  8. deborah b

    Your plans with your husband sounds lovely- so glad that you lost- I also lost this week. i lost .08 this week- I am with you all the way this week-

  9. mynatural destiny

    My weigh in day is on Monday. I gained 0.4. And that gain occurred even though I worked out five days, got blue dots six days, and used weeklies one day. I got back on the saddle and continued the journey. I'm looking forward to weighing in this Monday. The body is complicated work of art. Congratulations on your loss!

  10. Michelle Zerber

    Hi Jenn! Good job during visitor week. You know… Before I got a phone, I had no clue what the blue dots were. (i've only had a phone for about a yr, I have been back at WW since 1/2017. I was also online at the time, and never knew there was an app either. I came back to meetings to reclaim my free status just this January. 2 yrs from coming back AND hit the 100# on my 2nd week back! ) In that 2 yrs I have lost over 100#, as I have told you before). I looked back to as far as I could(before they cut off to only being able to see 3 months at a time) . During that year, I probably hit a blue dot, 1/2 that time. With in the last yr or so, I experimented with the blue dots. I got one EVERY single day for 250 days. I have maintained more or less the entire time. (a good thing, I really don't need to lose anymore, thankfully), I asked my leader or coach or what ever they call themselves these days, about the subject of the blue dots. She didn't put a whole lot of stock in them either. She basically said its something just to help keep you in your range, something to strive for,. I always thought they were supposed to help you lose. I guess that depends on the person. Anyway, that is my personal experience with the blue dots. I found out about them after I already in maintenance mode, and beyond.. again. You did so great this week. I am glad your business has done so great just a short time in. That is Fantastic!

  11. rose609

    You did a great job

  12. Jennie Dahlen

    That's a really good loss Jenn! Good luck this week, I hope you have another loss next week.

  13. Fransje Diekmans

    Track, move, I will do it all! You bubble , Thanks for your happy video’s

  14. Renee Kerner

    Good for you. I will take 1:2. Have fun with your husband. Jenn, so happy for you and the new profession. You seem to have hit the groom during running.

  15. Susan Caicedo

    I weigh in on Sunday…I always track everyday, every meal…I have to now incorporate walking. I’m down 30.6 pounds since 6/1 and 80 pounds since 5/9/18!

  16. Betsy Queen

    Great job Jenn! Every year we plan to go to Fall Fest at Sandpoint and we have never done it. I have lost 7.8 pounds in the three weeks since I began WW. I’m thrilled. My goal is 1.5 pounds in the next week. I weigh in on Tuesday mornings. One of these days I’m going to pop into Friday mornings workshop and say hi. Blessings, Betsy

  17. Ann Wilson


  18. Ann Wilson


  19. Kelly Land

    Went to my first workshop Tuesday. Down 3.4lbs. I'm loving the program. Thank you for all you do for us!

  20. Kelly Land

    Have you posted the meal recipes for the trader Jo's frozen haul?

  21. Charlene Bordelon

    Didn't weight in because my daughter had surgery. She is recovering. Goal is blue dots; weight in is Wednesday. Prating hurricane doesn't mess with us next week.

  22. On the Bourbon Trail

    Do a weigh-in where you talk about the changes in your measurements.

  23. Marsha Bolton

    Great job!!! More activities with walking for me, at a plateau at 20 pounds!!

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