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  1. Riyas Rifha

    Rice sapdamateengala sis


    Super sis,Yummy 👍👌

  3. Macklin Rani

    Appam daily ethana eggs edukurinka sis

  4. Gayathri Yazhini

    Intermittent fastingla after hot water coconut oil edukrathu epdi sis ….. konjam clear pannunga

  5. Siva nandham

    chicken 65 eppadee pannanum dietla

  6. trichyteam apex

    Enaku 2nd baby piranthu 8months aguthu. Ovvoru naalum weight increase aide than irunthuchu unga diet follow pannathuku 2.1/2 kg reduce anathu avlo happy akka. Kandippa enoda ideal weight reach pannanum 55varanum so motivation videos podunga sister

  7. trichyteam apex

    Hi sister. Na last Monday diet start pannen. 88.6 irunthen but now 86 2.1/2kg reduce airuku. Neenga sonna apdiye follow pannen nalla result kedachuruku thanks akka

  8. kamalesh kumar

    Hai mam good evening my name is Priya morning verum vaitril coconut oil kutykka sonninga but naan Thyroid tablet sabitoven piragu kutikkalama please reply.

  9. Kalai Vani

    First you should not take milk products during at the time of diet .it will not reduce ur weight. One time is enough

  10. latha Neel

    6th day completed

  11. Vennila Vennila

    How you cook for you and your family separately

  12. Banu Raja

    Super ma thanks for your video

  13. Rekha Anbunesan

    Super sis

  14. Hema latha

    5th day completed sis. Thank u

  15. Iyappan Seeva

    Great. I have been following many channels but once started following yours I stopped others.. very simple ,effective and encouraging. Thank you so much sister. Iyappan from ambasamudram living in Bangalore

  16. casim safrina cs

    Superb Sister 😍👍

  17. hari Shriarunachalamindustries

    Super idea👋

  18. N.k Vani

    Creative idea asusual

  19. deepa lakshmi

    Super pa


    Super 👏

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