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  1. mermae639

    Keep up the awesome work Janet !! You are a beast girl 💪💪 you are such great motivation 👏👏 #peachsquad 🍑

  2. Stephanie Laws

    she is shrinking!! go janet!!🙌🏽

  3. Sandra Sandra

    Is it okay to drink honey oolong tea, with no sugar?

  4. Patricia Sanchez

    Can’t wait to see transformation ima start doing the same exercises

  5. Rinconcito tropical

    GIRL Keep going.
    All my love from NYC.

  6. SamLogan215

    Do you have any heavier clients attempting to get a smaller waistline? That would be more relatable for me.

  7. Corrine Helena

    That’s exactly what I do when I have a craving for like a bang or something like a coffee with froth (I never touch creamer or sugar with my coffee), but with energy drink or something maybe twice a month and I can’t drink more than half anymore. Cookies 🍪 are a whole other story though… 😼

  8. spicy dragon

    U can do it janeth go go go!
    Self discipline is a must!

  9. Adriana Gil

    I love these episodes. It’s very personal and helpful for all us watching because we are striving to get healthier and more fit. Keep it up Janet!

  10. Darlene Garcia

    Gooo Janet !! Yasssss girl !!!

  11. Taina Dc

    Should you stand a bit forward when squatting on smith machine so you are leaning back a little? Also when I do hip thrusts and kick backs I feel it lower glute on the right but on the left side always upper glute and above the glute so my back. Some advice Anthony please 😭😭😭🤦‍♀️

  12. 1iee76w8 Lol

    You should work more in your thumbnails that will make more people to see it love this series !!!🎈❤️

  13. Chelsea Clarke

    She’s starting to tighten up and you can definitely tell she has lost a couple, Janette should be so proud of herself and her dertermination is amazing. Side not what’s your spoifty playlist???

  14. genesis valle

    This keeps me going! Never been this motivated. ✊🏻❤️ killed it at the gym tonight, so proud of myself!

    You got this Janet ✨ #peachsquad are all rooting for you 👏🏻🍑

  15. 60639

    I can feel her pain through the camera 😩😥😄

  16. Queenie ZL

    that guy at 11:08 waved me so am waving back 👋 😄

  17. Xoxovane

    i love that i can loose weight with her , im not on a strict diet, i just count my calories and i lost 20 lbs in 2 months , when i crave chocolate i eat a mini 💚 my calorie intake a day is 1,200 , i workout like janet💚

  18. Gladys Nieves

    Omg I'm so happy for her u see her booty bigger. Lol. I wish i could train with u one day. 😍😍😍

  19. majz

    Do you have any online coach training?

  20. Nicole De La Cruz

    I’m like on episode 2 of workouts because I was trying to figure out how to do the exercises properly so I’m gonna try to them again today along with episode 3 workout 🏋️‍♀️

  21. lillady0288

    Her wall sit she shouldnt have her hands on her knee and her back should he straight just my opinion

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