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  1. Ay Marinelo

    I’m that person that complains. Im 34 about to be 35 in January, I got five kids, I’m 5’7 I weigh 200lbs had gone down to 183 last year around this time in 3 months just walking and eating small meals instead of my big ass plate meal (Hispanic people probably know what I’m talking about lol). Then the holidays came along and I Fucked Up! Now I’m struggling to find a schedule that fits my needs because I go to school too. I’ll get there though. Love your motivation pep talks!

  2. Melinda Shipley

    I am looking for in home program and I’m not seeing it on the website?

  3. Karon Malek

    ♥️ Janet

  4. J R

    Go Janet!!!

  5. Estefania Acevedo

    Yessss 🥺that’s so true after you start see results you do not want to stop and your confidence increases because you know that you can do it ! Love your words can’t wait to see her results you go girl 🤪

  6. Ashes Marie

    I have been vegan for 5 years it’s so easy to be vegan now so if she needs some vegan options let me know 😉

  7. Shina Martin

    Thank you Africa for selecting Janet. She's very relatable annd an inspiration

  8. Lucero Diaz

    Can you put the workout in the description, it’s easier for me to follow it that way. I still watch the video to know what the workout looks like. Thank you! This is so helpful!!! ♥️

  9. Random Guy

    How does she have breast bigger then her butts. She must be doing naughty things.

  10. Miles

    Anyone in this comment session who want's to motivate each other, to do what Janet is doing? 😀

  11. melissa velasquez

    I love the different exercises I'm getting from this series. I tried the plank one with the cable machine today it was Awesome!

  12. Maria Perez

    So if u eat a lot of protein it will make u loose fat? I’m confused I don’t want to get even more fat with protein shake:/ idk how it works can u please help me btw when is there going to be more bands cause they are sold out

  13. Youa Thao

    Awesome series with Janet! Keep it up.

  14. Ari Nane

    I love her shoes 😍 I’m might sound dumb but what shoes are those?

  15. Mountainmeshe Fitness Journey


  16. Cece Ambrielle Klyd

    I just need to work on my pouch😅 slowly getting my abs with thee workouts but I havent gone to the gym yet because I dont have any sitters and daycare is completely booked so I been mainly running in the mornings when my kids are asleep

  17. Mrs Gamer Ghoul

    Love the intro and always love your videos

  18. Cecilia Delgado

    I think I miss afrika….🙊

  19. andrea duran

    She feels energized, idk she feels tired 😂

  20. Sheep!:D

    Hell yea!!! Janet can do it!!

  21. CentralFLife Chavez

    Getting super cold….So yea complaining didnt work. That's why I moved to Florida!! After living in NC for 20+ years. You're super nice to her. That's good she seems shy.

  22. Mikkie Puch

    Keep up the work Janet!!!!

  23. Meranda Rivas

    Her transformation is going to be crazyyyy

  24. Katrina Romero

    You should do a series for weight gain and mass growth for us girl that have been extreamly skinny our whole lives…its so hard to matain weight, consume extra calories. I love what your doing with Janet. Now we need one for us…most YouTube fitness talks about weight loss in woman not weight gain in woman. Alot of us dont want to talk about it because ppl roll there eyes when we tell them our goal. I wanna feel like a woman, not a little boy😥

  25. Sindy Love

    What shoes is Janet wearing! 😩

  26. Sandy Rivera

    Liking the new intro.. 😬
    On my side of the world there is no sun til maybe 7:30….

    Go Janet!!! You’re a badasss! 💪🏽

  27. eneida peralta

    Go janet!!!! I love that you don't complain …. Work, work, work, work, work!!!! You're super cute and you can see a change already in the last video keep going girl you got this!!!💪💪💪👏👏👏

  28. Risha W

    I cant seem to get the mind muscle connection with the hip thrusts or glute bridges. My goal os to perfect them

  29. Giovanna Mendez

    I found this series a week late but Janet’s motivation and your enthusiasm to work with her has motivated me to follow these work outspend start my own journey!! Seeing what’s to come for me is helping me push myself to keep going and Janet’s commitment motivates not only me but so many others and I’m so proud of her to start because of it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have started myself. Thank you Janet and @Booty King for deciding to train her. I’m so excited to see what’s next!💪🏻

  30. dinor Y

    does anyone know how many scoops of protein I should put in my protein shake like he recommends to lose weight>?

  31. Elly Hernandez

    She has more condition than me , those single leg glute bridges are hard asf no cap 😭. I’m so excited to see her results.

  32. Laura Gabrielle

    Do a 2 week progress check weigh in

  33. that annette show

    yesss I’m so happy he uploaded who else?

  34. Eny Niendorf

    She doesn't have to worry about a booty ☺ she has one. Lucky.

  35. 8LYNA9

    Pls do a work out home routine! This series is motivating me, I am feeling pump lol

  36. Eny Niendorf

    I had to go Vegan because of heart problems, what type of vegan protein can I use? 😟

  37. lorraine canady

    Love these videos! Question how to build lowere glutes? I feel my lower glutes are not growing/building like upper glutes. Hope that makes sense?

  38. Marc Tudon

    Good job helping Janet bro! Helping to change her life! I enjoy your videos.

  39. David and Danielle Rosales

    Huaraches are a good training shoe? I have some that I don't rock that often

  40. Jasmin Huerta

    Can you please write down the workouts in the description box. When I’m at the gym I sometimes can’t get signal so I screenshot the workout list and look At your breakdown.

  41. melissa24

    When is the best time to work our Am or Pm ????? For better results ????

  42. Shina Martin

    I just have a quick question. If anyone knows the answer, it would be helpful. How are the workouts scheduled?? Like out of the 7 days. I believe Janet works out 5 days. 3 days with Booty King and 2 days alone?? I'm curious…..

  43. Carpio Family

    Janet is looking snatched already ! ❤️ you got this girl ! We believe in you and you inspire us to do the same no mater where we start ! You go girl !!!!
    Can you guys Please do a booty band giveaway if you can I can’t afford them and I’ve been using an elastic from my sweats haha don’t judge 😭

  44. Lindsey Hernandez

    I tried the regular glute bridges and they KILLLEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD 😂

  45. spicy dragon

    Im following this story.

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