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  1. Kim Cooksey

    Summer would it be possible if u would share your saying on the front cover of ur book? Govd luck! Hops to, talk to u soon!!!!

  2. Shannie

    Love this idea! Off to start a journal 🙂 

  3. Belleza

    Is there an update? I would love to see your progress and what your journal looks like now.

  4. Raven2322

    Very pretty journal. I'm going to be making one and I love your little note to yourself. I'm so going to steal that idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. whoopwhoop03

    I love the little envelope idea. I'm just starting a scrapbook. I'm not that crafty though. Haha. Very nice!!

  6. joemarisefcik

    i luv this! it's great that u r scrapbooking this amazing journey!!! would luv to see the updates….and i think it's a "happy" event becuz it's a journey that is going to bring u happiness and health!!!! U ROCK.

  7. shrinkingzebra

    I love this!! Have you had your surgery yet? If so I hope everything is going well!! I am doing a weight loss smash book…I will post a video soon because I am actually doing some stuff in it. The book is great!!!!!

  8. 77ButterflyLuv

    I hope your surgery goes well or if you've already had it, I hope it went smoothly! The journal came out cute and I'm glad you shared. We're not here just for the crafty stuff. I like to get to know people for all that they are. Good luck on your weight loss journey!!!

  9. Cindi's Creative Blessings

    Thanks for sharing. I too have considered weight loss surgery. I will keep you in my prayers. Be Happy and Healthly!

  10. The Nickel Nook

    Sorry about your bronchitis…hope you feel better soon! WooHoo for you and this journey you're beginning! Of course it deserves documentation!! The mini you made is adorable! Congratulations on the steps you're taking. This may be a scrapping community but we get to know each other…well, perhaps one-sided…since I only blog and don't do videos! lol So you can keep us updated and we can support you through prayers and cheers! GO Jennifer!! :o)

  11. sherie taylor

    Thank you for sharing this, you have inspired me so much. I am also on a weight loss journey and think you have the right idea in documenting such an important journey – good luck with your journey i hope all goes well with the surgery xx

  12. calypso734

    This journey you're taking is definitely worth documenting. And doing it through something that you enjoy doing will surely help encourage you to keep going. Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.

  13. dana1214

    Great journal! Good luck with your surgery 🙂

  14. bevbeach6801

    what a great idea…its looking very cute. Good luck to you on your journey… I am really hoping to work on this journey myself..you are Very BRAVE….good luck Jenn…

  15. Coco Martha

    I love the book and wish you all the best!! You've given me an idea to document losing weight as well..TFS xoxo

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