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  1. Nias 2019

    மாமி நீங்கள் சாப்பிடும் தயிர் இட்லி கூட அசைவம் தான் கோடிக்கணக்கான நுண்ணுயிர்கள்!

  2. Raguram Vittal

    Edhai venalum sapidunga, veg or non veg, pasicha sapidunga, aprom nalla mennu sapidunga, weight gain aagadhu, weight loss kuda agum..

  3. Hari Rajeev

    Food Racism.

  4. Samuel George

    China japan Vietnam burma innum neraya country la non veg matumey sapidranga madam… avangalum nallathan irukanga… indha kelviya non veg sapidra oruthavangalaiyum ketirundha nallarkum…

  5. everpurple

    Really great! Evanga intha agelaiyum evlo younga porumaiya irukaanga. Great advice. Thank you very much!

  6. vasanth kumar

    170cm # tha na 50kg thanda irruken 🙄

  7. pravin murthy

    Weight gain (fat gain) happens because of Carbohydrates.. Carbs are mainly from grains (rice, wheat n ragi).. Grains are highly inflammatory and therefore it is so called Veg food that makes you put on fat n spoils the body..

    Good quality Non veg (Non farm sourced) combined with minimal grains improves muscle mass in the body n you can gain healthy weight..

    Milk consumption is not good for health.. it's a misconception that grown up adults need milk!.. Milk in nature is only for babies.. moreover commercial milk is loaded with harmones which is inflammatory for body..

    Fruits are bad for health due to Fructose (dangerous form of Glucose) while Vegetables (esp green veg) is extremely good for health..

    I know vegetarians will not agree with me.. don't bother.. ✌️

  8. Kesavan Saroja

    Such a valuable information doctor madam thanks to India glitz💯

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