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  1. Miss Anjali barnwal

    Ma'am please morning fat loss drink btaiye easy sa intermittent fasting k liy

  2. Zainab Taher

    Hi very nice video. Plz make video for weight for kids 7 to 11 yrs boys

  3. Maryam Khan

    Please tell me this diet is good for 9yrs girls

  4. Aditya bhavsinghka

    Waste of time

  5. Munmun Das

    It is so good and its help me a lot …..can you plz make the video how teenage school student girls increase their height without exercise after period

  6. Kadir Salmani

    Plzzz reply me

  7. Kadir Salmani

    M apki new subscribers hu mene first time apke channel ko dekha abi or subscriber b kr diya

  8. Kadir Salmani

    Mera 9am to 9 pm job rehta office m mostly Bethe hi rehna hota h ghr pr return ate hue 1hr ho jata h mera kuch diet plan batao plzz

  9. Shivam Dabas

    How mush weight will we loose in a month???????

  10. Veena Parakh

    It is very good diet plan….my sister is 15 yr.old and having 87kg of weight…can u suggest me what should we do extra for her weight loss….

  11. Imti Sonen

    Mam can you plz make a diet plan for around age of 16 to 21 years plzzz……

  12. Aysha Siddiqui

    It is so good ❤️

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