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  1. Mimi safae

    hello dear, can you please do a serie for weight gain ? thank you in advance

  2. barbip444

    Hi!! This is great! I read you stopped because you found out you were pregnant. Will you be doing more series of this? Or ir it OK to repeat the videos? Thanks for doing this!!! Blessings.

  3. Iesha Brownieee

    This is so great! I was craving chocolate and this reminded me how far iv come and now I dont want it 🙂
    thank you!

  4. Slobodan Mackovski

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  5. Andriy Shirayev

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  6. Subendra Shrestha

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  9. Sykutis Smith

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  10. makay linki

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  11. Gary Williams

    EFT Hub .com has a great tapping chart if you are looking for one, hope that helps 😉

  12. Gary Williams

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  13. Masud Rana

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  14. BlackenRaven2010

    Wonderful video…I will be going along with u…I am on the road to being thin so I would like to go along with u.

  15. Hessa Peaceful universe

    Liked it
    Although I'm still on scale ten at the end of the video
    But i feel more calm
    Thank you so much

  16. britturk123

    Why does this woman remind me of liberace the pianist.

  17. Suzanne Zacharia

    Erin, I am just soooo happy to have found your videos. I am going through the same process myself as an EFT practitioner in South Africa & UK. It's lovely to see your progress – W-O-W! I am inspired!

  18. jazmin1958

    Hi, I'm writing from Lima – Peru, have started a therapy on EFT with a facilitator here but I must say that you definitely have a very positive way of doing the EFT, so I will keep on watching your videos and might even get on skype with you. Thanks a lot for your generosity, good luck and blessings.

  19. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    @RightNetworker Thanks for your post. That's great!!! I love to have a connection like that. How is your journey going? Please let me know if I can help you along the way! All the Best, Erin Muldoon Stetson TapOnIt.com

  20. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    @pregnantsoul – Yay!!!!!!! Please let me know how your journey is going!!!! I can't wait to hear…your higher self always knows 🙂 and You are so very welcome!

  21. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    @atlantoon Thanks for your message here and for your lovely compliments! I hope that you have kept up with your EFT practice. I would love to help you on your journey!!! If you feel like it makes sense, we could Skype or do sessions over the phone if you don't live in the Chicago area. Please contact me via my website at TapOnIt.
    All the Best, Erin Muldoon Stetson

  22. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    @shadowfax1920 You're very welcome. Thanks for your comment and question. Yes, I find that it is normal to get teary eyed while tapping. I see that as energy shifting and awareness occurring…good things are bound to come into your life if you keep this up. Big Hugs!!!!

  23. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    @shadowfax1920 Thanks!!!! and congrats on handling your addictions to chocolate chip cookies and whatever else with EFT. Keep it up!!!!!! You are an inspiration to many.

  24. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    @muskaanindian I have lost 25 lbs with EFT so far. I can feel your frustration and I would love to help you on your journey in finding the right things to tap on in order to see results and feel a significant change where you'd like to. Check out my website at TapOnIt and maybe we could Skype a session together to get at the root of whatever issues are holding you back. Thanks for your questions and comments.

  25. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    @Ultralman2 – Check out my website at TapOnIt. In a nutshell, tapping helps you to relieve disruptions in your energy systems that can produce incredible results around things you could barely imagine. Thanks for your questions. I hope this helps.

  26. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    @denmanbobasek Tapping once a day is a great practice. Tapping whenever you feel like you could be feeling better is even more helpful. I tap throughout the day, whenever I feel I need or want to.

    In terms of the 7 days, my vision was that, with these 7 videos, you would have a nice cross section of issues and you would feel encouraged to tap on issues that were coming up for you each day. I am looking forward to hearing about your positive results. Keep it up!!!!

  27. Christopher Cunningham

    ur still fat

  28. kammhron

    Awesome! I actually felt better about myself right away.Hope to follow this program.

  29. pregnantsoul

    i am starting today…i have ask my higher self last night to bring me a solution,,,and here i am !! thank you so much !!

  30. insomanywords

    Thank you so much for your wonderful video! You speak very clearly, so it is easy to repeat the words. I am already looking forward to watching the next one! Hugs!

  31. Holly Ross

    I'm glad I searched for this. I've started losing weight using EFT (along with eating better and exercising – both which I tap for too). 7 lbs gone in 1 week just from tapping on my issues. Good luck to you, and I'll be following along! 🙂

  32. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    What a lovely thing to say. Thank you. I'm so glad that you are enjoying the videos and "doing them with your sisters"!!!!!! That's so great!

    I will be sure to include your topics in future videos. I am looking forward to hearing more from you! 😉 – erin

  33. Erin Muldoon Stetson

    Thanks for your comment. I am thrilled to be embarking on this journey with you!!! Please let me know if there are any additional "topics" you'd like to see here. I'd love to hear how things are going for you, let me know.

  34. 11 Giles Bookstore

    I think you are going to have a wonderful journey and am joining you on one of my own! Your statements hit right on how I feel.

    Thanks for this video, looking forward to seeing more!

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