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  1. Lokendra Gurkha

    Sir please tell us complete week workout i.e. on Monday, on Tuesday, etc.😢😢😢

  2. Ashwini Armal

    Sir gym chod ne se weight q badta hai.. Plz batai

  3. Ashwini Tiwari

    sir please upload day 4…3 days tk continue krke sochna pd rha ab next kya karu to please upload next video

  4. Bidrohi Sarkar

    I love you sir

  5. the. beast09

    Sir Please Make Video On L-carnitine & other Fat burners which is easy to buy for students and beginners

  6. nilesh k

    Ur excercises and advice both are excellent

  7. nilesh k

    Hi yatinderji waiting for day 4 & day 5 exercises .

  8. tarun bishnoi

    Sir do we have to repeat the same in the remaing half of the week or you will be sharing more to it. 🙏

  9. Suraj gaming

    Sar competition ki taiyari kaise karen diet exercise rest

  10. Mandar Padte

    Can you please tell us which fish do you use in your diet n according to you which is the best fish to consume?


    Sir when will you be making day 4 wight loss series ?

  12. Salik Hussain

    Yatinder ji waiting for 4th VDO in this weight loss series

  13. Manisha Madhan

    Sir ji namaste
    Sir ji Weight loss diet
    Bataiye plz

  14. Shubham Doke

    Yatinder bhai please fat loss diet plan ka video upload karo. Waiting for it

  15. Pradip Patel

    Bhai me aapke video dekh ke hi exrsize karta hu

  16. Adam

    Looking forward to DAY 4…

  17. Jaya Kumar



    Sir fat loss ke baare me diet plan video upload kariye please

  19. rup kumar

    Sir please explain about anabolic

  20. Sanjay Baghel

    Thank you sir happy diwali

  21. Cargo Service no 1


  22. Ayan Ayan

    Yatender ji apka tariqa hot achcha hai. Batane ka

  23. Gautam Gayan

    Lv u sir

  24. Gautam Gayan

    Nyc trainer

  25. Priyanka Ahirwar

    Ghar per karne k liye bhi koi ecercise batayen

  26. Majajul Borah

    Thank you… Sri.. But sir day2 And day 3 bis kita dino ka rest he…?

  27. Health and Fitness

    Awesome sir Ji

  28. TheSarthak Gautam

    Always helpful sir ji🙏

  29. Harish good personality great Kumar

    Excellent knowledge

  30. Ashwani Creation

    Manpreet is soooooooooo sweat

  31. Biju Kalita

    Yatinder resembles Jas Arora of Gur Nal Ishq Mitha.

  32. FOODOT 푸닷

    Woow, looking beautiful♥

  33. Naveen Chaurasiya

    Sir a grocery shopping and meal prep tip video

  34. suresh kumar

    Sir body building program banao full week

  35. Gulfam Haque

    Sir aap ka Gym kaha hai

  36. D Mehta

    Excellent as always Yatinder-Ji:) only one word comes to mind while doing this routine BURN !!!!! Well thought out. Thank you.

  37. Shuaib Saifi

    Me aapka workaut follow kar raha hu mera size gain ho raha h

  38. Shuaib Saifi

    Thank u sar

  39. Hasan Pasha

    Mashaallah Good bhai jan allah aapko hamehsa happy or tandrust rahe

  40. Luck y

    Thank you so much sir
    Happy Diwali
    Will there be day 4

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