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  1. urbanmiss26

    Do you still train and do meal plans for people?

  2. Betthany Cowling

    Me being someone who follows macros knows how to work them out for loss gain or maintenence and trains has my dad who is overweight trying to convince me to learn about slimming world to teach him so he can lose weight and so he can do this with my mum I have tried to explain that this diet in comparison to actually working out your macros to lose fat is no comparison but still he doesent understand I want him to not waste money on this because I want him to actually learn about food so he can continue this for life rather than following syns per day not fully understanding what they mean I'm so glad I can show them this and you've put it in words for me to explain to them why my way of counting macros and a consistent training plan will work THANK YOU!

  3. Jennifer j

    does your journey start from here ? ie your videos reason why i ask my brother is a type two diabetic and am very concerned about him so i am trying to help him to lose weight, by doing this changing how he eats but working together with him i did think about joining slimming world with him but now you have kinda put me off the idea, i will take a look threw your videos to see what your about but nice post 🙂 

  4. Zeviel

    weight watchers is a bunch of bs lol but I like slimming world, I don't know if you've ever gone to a group but they don't say "eat this" but we all do share what we've eaten and are happy for everyone's weight loss. being in a group make's me feel motivated, make's me feel happy when people are saying well done… not everyone want's to look like an action man lol and the people after might only look ok but it's a few more years of living for them, not about having popping out abs!

  5. Skylar_White_Yo

    Slimming world! What dya say lol

  6. Bradley Aidan Johnson


  7. Skylar_White_Yo

    Train me for free ill leave SW tomorrow 🙂

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