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  1. Big wan

    I disagree. HIIT training can be applied on different exercises. It does not have to be sprinting only. You can walk slow and switch to very fast walking. Same with kettlebell, pushups, jumping and machines. Check out Dr. Mike Van

  2. Krishnov Gozon

    @JeromeFitness hello there. i want to lose weight and fat but i want to get lean muscle. what is the best? light weights with many reps(15+ reps)? or heavy weights woth low reps(3-6 reps)?. thanks

  3. topsui

    0:35 so you're saying if you're obese you can't do HIIT training? Because I'm overweight now  but I used to do sport for 12 years (I'm 19) so I still have it in me. 

  4. Leo Ch

    Ok I don´t get it now… So HIIT it´s good used for people who want to gain muscle mass or it is not? Because in your page you say it is a good way to lose weight, but that´s not exactly what you want to do when building muscle is your goal. Im confused.. Nice video

  5. laxmitty21

    0:48 BEST PART

  6. Andriy papirov


  7. JeromeFitness

    I already have made an upper body flexibility routine a while back. Look for it on my channel using the little 'search glass' you can find next to 'home', 'videos' and 'about'.

  8. Rajarshi Sarkar

    can you please make an upper body flexibility routine….just like the one you did for "complete lower body flexibility" video…thanks in advance….your videos really have substance over hype 🙂

  9. bighand69

    The types of carbohydrates that are consumed can be changed to that of types that are favorable to blood sugar levels.

    There are optimal levels for protein and carbohydrates for the body to be at its most efficient.

  10. bighand69

    If you do not mind me asking why do you want to loose 30 pounds so that you can drop to 130lbs.

    Do you know what your current body fat levels are even a rough idea.

    A lot will depends upon your natural body structure.

  11. JeromeFitness

    Where I learned my English? By watching a lot of American Sitcoms and movies. It's not really the standard fake British you learn at Dutch high schools!

  12. CalisthenicTraining

    wat studeer je…damn je engels is goed..

  13. CalisthenicTraining

    je zei dat je goed in engels bent..waar heb je het geleerd? tips?

  14. Labros FitnessChannel

    nice video!

  15. JeromeFitness

    Eat less calories than you burn. That's the only way to lose that 30 pounds.

  16. Sahib Taylor

    what if you just wanna lose some weight straight out? i weigh 160 lbs. body fat. i wanna change that to 130 lbs. I practice shaolin wushu. so im trying to stay lean a quick

  17. JeromeFitness

    Haha, that's a valid question. There are about 12 – 15 guys in my year I believe. There are over 170 students if I'm correct. So less than 1 out of 10 is a guy.

  18. liinaliina345

    Nice to hear that! And I wish all luck to you! I am sure you will be great.
    I, too, am first year. Already have had two practices and I think I am content about my decision to study it. Always liked to work with people as well. I am just curious – how many guys are studying it in your course?

  19. Perez S. Christhian

    u are funny thats good 😛

  20. Daan Cornet

    he jerome! nl!

  21. JeromeFitness

    Thanks! Glad you like them, so that I at least am not making fun of myself for nothing haha.

  22. JeromeFitness

    I am very much interested in health, but I do not really like the fitness industry (which is where I first wanted to be at). Nursing is such a wide field and there are many, many job opportunities. I like helping people and hard work and I want to do something usefull with my life. Great that you study nursing too! What year are you at? I am first year and I think I'll easily pass my last exams this year.

  23. liinaliina345

    What made you study nursing? Just curious since I, too, study nursing. And heyhey! Still love your videos. 🙂

  24. JeromeFitness

    I don't do cardio or at least not really. I just don't gain weight easily. Even with that amount I don't gain weight very fast. That's why I stay pretty slim throughout the year and don't make big gains. For a 172 cm short guy that's a huge amount of food and I simply can't stuff much more than this.

  25. JeromeFitness

    Thanks for the support man!

  26. Npangea

    I love your videos.

  27. JeromeFitness

    If you drink more and more water and are still thirsty there might be different problems. It would mean your body can't take up enough of the water making that you are still thirsty. Water doesn't speed up your metabolism or anything like that.

  28. JeromeFitness

    No, I only work on YouTube and I study Nursing (bachelor degree).

  29. Zoltán Kurgya

    Thanks for advice! I'm gonna look into it. The truth is, that maybe I have some problem with water consuming due to few month ago I drunk less water, less than a liter per day. Now I drink 2-3 liter per day and when my body starts to fill up water I feel more and more thirsty… Maybe this is a sign of my metabolism starts to roll up again normally…
    But I'll try what you suggested, thanks again.

  30. Napush3n

    Basically carb cycling is when you eat low or no protein a couple of days, and then have a carb refeed day where you reload your muscles with glucose and get your metabolism back on track so it doesn't fall asleep from the lack of carbs. Try it, but if you feel tired, just eat enough carbs so you have energy to live, you should not feel hungry through the day, only in the morning! (so no eating late in the evening :)). And ofc, drink 2-3 liters of water daily – or more (helps metabolism a lot)!

  31. Napush3n

    You can always work on improving your metabolism, if you have a slow metabolism, eating low carb will not improve it or even make it worse, so I'd start with a lot of calorie burning for a while (so eat a lot and burn a lot, by walking or running, combined with high intensity strength training (slightly lower weight, but as intense as you can and with 20-30 sec rest between exercises!). Do that for a month, then switch to carb cycling (google it!) and start lifting heavy/doing HIIT sprints.

  32. Adrian Calgary

    There are weighted ropes, for that matter, for sale, but actually the arms rotations are what appears to be using that energy, not the cord, I imagine.
    Perhaps it may be more controlled movement with the rope, but without you have a greater range of motion. Believe me I get exhausted from doing this, no problem. Actually I only had started this about a few months back, and never taken it to a serious lengthy repetitions and sets. I mostly do this as a warm up or while waiting for the tram

  33. SeanVigueFitness

    Yes, it really is booming as your's is too. It's very refreshing to see how you weave great info in with humor. Congrats on your success! Do you teach fitness classes as well?

  34. Dani Angel

    ok man well if you could that would be great but if you can't its fine i understand just keep making videos cause your really good maybe even better then mike chang.

  35. JeromeFitness

    Thanks for the comment man! Your channel is doing great too, isn't it?

  36. JeromeFitness

    I could, but I have to see if I have time for it. I make videos so people can learn it themselves. I don't often give direct answer to a question so people will learn from it!

  37. phipta

    Thanks tons! But I still love cardio 😛 I get you though most people don't.

  38. Dani Angel

    Hey Jerome you should do a workout plan for soccer players or athletes in general, or make a nutrition plan please!

  39. Zoltán Kurgya

    Weird… everybody says carbs aren't good, because if your metabolism not functional quite well (me, for example, my mets is very slow, and I can't speed up 🙁 ) carbs makes you fat due to body will start to reserve it instead of burn with calories… So a bit confused. I heard lots of peeps that they lost weight by minimalize their carbs eat. (or even nullify) So what the truth then?

  40. SeanVigueFitness

    This really is the best way to exercise. Thanks Jerome! Great vid.

  41. JeromeFitness

    I have an article about 'food guidelines' on my website. It's in the 'weight loss' section! Read that, it gives good guidelines of what you should eat.

  42. Oscar A

    what should I eat, Ive never really known what to eat and how much. . Help?

  43. JeromeFitness

    Some people seem to think you need tons of protein to gain muscle mass, which is not the case. 20% protein from a 3500 kcal diet is more than enough protein to support optimal muscle growth! Lowering carbs does not work for me as my blood sugar would get pretty low and I would start to feel exhausted and dizzy. Carbs are good! Also, I'm a nutritionist / weight consultant so I know plenty about nutrition!

  44. Demosthenes Palamidas

    I think you have great genetics and would look amazing if you made some gains!..20% protein is nothing m8!!!Have you checked Chris Jones' video on macros?..i'm also an ectomorph and i saw amazing progress after increasing protein and lowering carbs!(And btw great video)

  45. JeromeFitness

    I sometimes answer Dutch questions in English when I feel they are important. Some really aren't important for the majority of my viewers. It's also why I made a Dutch channel and why I send Dutch viewers to the Dutch channel, because I find it annoying to speak Dutch on my English channel.

  46. JeromeFitness

    21 jaar en 72 kg. Ik heb ook nog een NL kanaal tegenwoordig: youtube{dot}com/zondersportschool, mocht je geintereseerd zijn.

  47. JeromeFitness

    Haven't really been counting them for a while as I roughtly know what I get in. I use 50% carbs, 20% protein and 30% fats or something in that direction. I roughly knows how much grams those nutrients are, but I don't calculate it very often as I pretty much eat the same amounts daily.

  48. JeromeFitness

    Nothing, I won it with YouTube NextUp. In this video I actually didn't use the lighting as the sun was shining inside (sound weird, but through a window I mean). It's a very light sensitive camera anyway.

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