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  1. Lorna Levi shoeswomen

    your vlogs helping ppl mayonnaise is really oily

  2. BigSky Family

    Her piercings make my eyes water. Can't watch. God bless you tho!

  3. Rabna Begum

    Hey how do u take ur orlistat and what’s the most effective way to take it? Thanx x

  4. IxChel Loves Rainbows

    Thanks for your honesty. Are you still on xenical? Been on it for a little while myself.

  5. Fork in the road Bex

    hi ive just.started im quite worried.
    any thoughts on? what do u eat in a day?

  6. Elisabeth Barrett

    I've just started xenical from the GP and your videos are the only ones that say it exactly the way it is, bloody brilliant

  7. Stacey Noaman

    Your so funny lol x

  8. Evo Vids

    omg I love you thats so fucking funny bless ya! i just started this tablet…. thanks for the warning pmsl

  9. Eves Insurance

    Can you please tell me how you take it i have some ORLISTAT 120mg but don't know how to start taking it please help.

  10. Halo Gia

    and also love your tattoos and hair!!

  11. Halo Gia

    hi! i was watching all your improve on this pill,, i had a surgery like 15 years ago and mess up my thyroid, gain like 50 pounds,, and they always said to do this diet,, but always with a little fear on the side effects,, i had seen you really focus on it,, so i m going to give it a try and let you know,, with questions just in case you have a better answer than my friends!! ok thanks for the videos… i really got inspired to work for it!!! <3

  12. Lisa Johanna

    Do you still drink alcohol while taking Xenical?

  13. yliana corona

    Heyy , my cousin from the dominican republic recomended me with orlistat and i havent started it yet , but im really happy with your result and she did warned me with the oil situation lmao but my mom was the one the brought me the pills and i see here in NY they dont have it any where or online so i was wondering where did you get yours just in case i want another one . Thabk you so much please respond 😁

  14. -Mixi-

    Done it twice in the 6 days of just starting aljkdghjdfkj its terrible :c

  15. Nathalie

    Oh gosh I know the feeling. 
    I have IBS, and this one week it was really really bad. I had to burp and fart all day long, but at one point I also foiled myself. I thought I just had to poop. So I went to the bathroom but on my way there it happend. Sooo disgusting and the smell is so putrid… 
    After that experience I now wear pantyliners or a pad when I have a bad week.

  16. skullkiller123

    foiling sounds fine… try sharting thats when the real problem starts xD. 😛

  17. Abida - heartsthatwander

    I've had this happen when I was on xenical. I hated but you learn from your mistakes right x

  18. whome

    I was on something similar called Xenical. Foiling is not fun 🙁 Sorry you had that happen. I had to learn to wear a pantyliner just in case.

  19. AriaLynn

    Haha it happens! 😄

  20. WTVR4VR

    That's happened to me when I'm just like "oh I wanna fart" then I realized that it wasn't a fart.
    Lucky it hasn't happened in public.

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