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  1. Georgia Francis


  2. Patricia DiNoia-Chamberlin

    why does the audio cut in and out? i see that other commenters have said the same thing? is there a version where this problem has been fixed?

  3. HermionePotter75

    we need to watch it or it's enough listen the audio?

  4. Tatyana Ryabova

    add bakin powder-half of package for bath

  5. Angela Q

    do I have to watch it or can I just listen?

  6. The Skilled Cuber

    Can i listen to this while reading…?

  7. Alicia Serbastian

    are there any side effects?

  8. AhoyAnimation

    omg in the first 30 seconds it happend

  9. Lolita Rogers

    Might be a stupid question but do u look at the screen or just close your eyes?

  10. Quinchester Kid

    Does this really work? I really wanna lose weight but what if we can't stop losing weight? Can you make a video for GAINING weight too?

  11. Dulinda Marques

    Cuts out at least 3 times. Hope it will still help

  12. Emily Nagy

    I listened to this and the next day o felt a urge to exercise and to eat veggies . I lost 6 pounds in a week

  13. Kelly Yatz

    It stops skip blares music comes and goes. Impossible to hypnotize

  14. jessica wilson

    It's working


    Hey my man, the audio cuts off in like 5 min into the vid but returns (just a heads up). Also thank you for making these! you have a very soothing voice 👍

  16. Gracie Rangel

    Why do I feel tingly when he's talking?

  17. Elizabeth Davis

    The music is missing from this.

  18. Kendall Wetzel

    Kiss your hand and repost on another page then you will find a pink iPhone under you pillow

  19. Cael Pocock

    Idk about you, but lying in the dark listening to this is terrifying. I think its the expressionless voice, makes me think of sociopaths.
    Cant sleep now bc scared, fml

  20. outsider

    How does this even work? 0.0

  21. ⇒Kashmir⇐

    what the actual lol

  22. Chris O

    Is there any way this might be available on CD?

  23. peacock blue

    it makes it more intense! x^)

  24. Chris O

    What happened to the music in the background on this video?  I've been listening to it for a few weeks now and all of a sudden today the music is gone!

  25. Sal Avila

    Does this video work or does one need to purchase the actual mp3?

  26. Katwink711

    To clarify I'm talking about the brain garage video

  27. Katwink711

    This video is not hypnosis it's like a teaching lecture in a relaxing voice and music it's not penetrating to your subconscious , it's not right to call it hypnosis it's deceptive.

  28. Melisa Wirt

    Weight-loss hypnosis may help you shed an extra few pounds when it's part of a weight-loss plan that includes proper diet, daily exercise and counseling throughout the session.

  29. Himko Macu

     Do not ever throw away your time andmoney and effort on weight losscapsules or lotions as their effects if any are  non permanent.

  30. I have been meditating for weight loss and let me tell you I lost 45 pounds in 2 months, because everything is in your brain by meditating you order your brain not your brain orders you, you have to program your brain to be positive love your self feel confident and all of the negative let it out, I also believe hypnosis can help, if you meditate for half hour 4 time a week or even better meditate a hour, you have to make sure there's NO ONE interrupting you during the meditation or it won't work, you have to be worried free for one to half hour, you can put meditation music or noise like the sea,river,birds ext.. inhale and exhale deeply 5 time to 10, every time you inhale you have to think the positive you want for your body and the goal you want to achieve, every time you exhale you have to think of all the negative things you want out of your mind like bad habits or craving for bad foods or even any bad addictions, every time you inhale you have to visualize your body changing, melting all unwanted fat cells from the parts of your body and toning up that area, you will after inhaling and exhaling you will enter in deeply meditation, don't be scare if you start to see stuff like the tree of life or your Chakras colors or the
    3ed eye or even more visions it's completely normal you will love the sensation so much that you would love to experience that every day, you will feel complete, love, peace, happiness, joy, every section is deferent from others, but with amazing results, at first I was"" bull crap!!! Too good to be true, but guess what?? It works guarantee!! Just make sure the most important thing is to be alone or with a group that our doing the same, if you have any kind of distraction there's no way the meditation can work, once you have control of your meditation you order your brain what to do and of course you will control your thoughts of bad choices, but when you're brain has control over you that's when you eat anything when your hungry, it's better being surrounded by food and be able to say "I don't need anything I ready ate, and walk away happy:) that's one of many benefits meditation gives you, meditation is good for your brain it's good for you it takes your stress away any pains in your body helps you lose weight makes you feel happier and keep you completely relaxation and helps you sleep better. I also believe hypnosis can help too, like I said I lost 45 pounds by meditating only, and I didn't have to change nothing, like making a diet or exercise, you will want to do all the stuff once you're feel happy and motivated by your own self, trust me meditation is the best weight lose there can be, because no body wants to diet or exercise rite? But ones you meditate for good health you will want to make better choices and add your on kind of exercise, "it's not going to be like" (you have too exercise and diet) it's going to feel like (I really want to exercise and eat better) The choice will be is chosen by you!. I'm just sharing the power of meditation and what can do for anyone, all you have too do is Start meditating for weight loss or for anything you want, like Stress, self healing and much more, you can find this and all kinds of way to meditate in google and the meaning of the colors you will see when your eyes are closed any questions about meditation you will find it in google, try it!!! You won't regret it,I promise you👌👍

  31. Ryan Puckette

    Will this hypnotizing program make me lose weight?

  32. DeathValleyDebbie

    Thank you! I love the mindfulness and positive affirmations this brings to me. Plus it really puts me to sleep in a good way!

  33. Jesschristine96

    Personally, this didn't work for me. Within about a minute or two it just gave me really bad anxiety.

  34. X- Tremevidpro


  35. Andreya Powell

    Is it ok if you listen to this while sleep?

  36. Shannon Millam

    Thanks this is really helping me. I started listening to this a week ago and have already lost 2 lbs.


    Hey the BRAIN GARAGE can these be downloaded to an ipod????

  38. carmen georgescu

    Hei, "The Brain Garage", we must looking at this picture who is moving in our meditation?

  39. Jeanne W. Dias

    No ­one is able to burn fat in safety with out ex­ercise cor­rectly and manage the nutrition. Pills and drugs will co­me with harmful negative effects.

  40. pratiksha aryal

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these regular people bulk up  easily using Muscle Maker Method (check it out on Google).

  41. Lisa W

    This is really helpful! Thank you!!


    The volume is too low. I have it on a playlist and when its finish the other videos come on loud:/

  43. Ken Kaniff

    U.S should really make this a new national anthem :DD

  44. Lianna Maria Di Caprio

    I hope this works

  45. Abdul-Haseeb Shaklab

    Thank you very much! I've lost 10 kilos since I listened to this marvelous hypnosis. I haven't lost that much weight in years!!! Thanks a lot :)))))

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