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  1. Susan Bybee

    So, accountability! I'm doing ok with eating but I've let my steps drop drastically.

  2. Cathy P in AZ

    Love your intro! 😂 Laughing already! Just have your healthy fathead pizza AND salad! Sugar is so addictive…sugar free natural sweeteners do the trick for me. Being sugar free for over 2 years is huge for me. If I can do this – anybody can! Of course Hubby and I keep each other accountable too. He is my foodie and health buddy. 😉❤️ I volunteer to help you be accountable! You can do this, Fabby! No more BS, just make a daily commitment. Love you friend! 😊

  3. Stacey Barker

    Yes. You are so right. I started out 2020 comfort stress eating AGAIN! I need to account to myself since I am having stress with a sick spouse. He needs me and I need me to be my best and healthy Now and not going in the wrong direction. We can do it. You can do it. We are way stronger than we think we are. Hugs!!!

  4. Donna Andrade

    This video hit home……accountability…ugh!!

  5. LeRonda Sanford

    I am so happy you spoke about accountability. That is my big issue I feel there's nobody that I need to be accountable to so who cares if I have candy, soda or any other sugar filled treat. Now I have to be accountable here with everyone.

  6. Debra Graham

    Hubby and I are doing this together. I will be accountable to him and myself for what I eat. However I draw the line at telling him how much I weigh.

  7. Tiffany Zoe

    Oooo this is too real haha

  8. lapin creed

    You're very fat

  9. Sandra Smith

    I had to wean off sweets after Christmas. Hang in there Sister!

  10. Kate Peterson

    I know we can do it. I'm struggling with blood pressure..food addiction but I'm trying every day to do better.☺

  11. T Lasa


  12. TheAutumnHeather

    sips on her diet mountain dew and tequila hmm.. 😉 but yes these social media platforms make it a little easier to find outside accountability

  13. Elizabeth Harper

    I hear ya! I have noticed that while I'm staying within my allotted points, my calorie count has increased. But, I'm grieving the death of a lifelong friend so it is amazing to me that I haven't demolished a ton of pizza and boxes of See's candy. I'm keeping on stepping also. Some people wish they were rich. I've always wished I was thin. Onward! x, E.

  14. larose blanche

    I lost apetite , got lots snacks from xmas and not able to finish it yet. 😥 lost all weight i gained before xmas.

  15. Kim Evans

    I know it is So hard coming off the holidays because I too indulged and gained. Sugar is the devil and the detox is real. But guess what, we are jumping back in and being accountable and that's what matters. I have a good friend who's on this journey with me as well we help keep each other accountable which is great. As always, you inspire and motivate me. Love you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Melissa Matheson

    But for what are we keeping you accountable? To lose weight? Eat better? Exercise? Eat more veggies? All of the above? I guess what I'm asking, is do you have specific mini goals in mind, or is it just an all inclusive lose weight goal? (I hope this doesn't come off as criticism. Cuz it's not. I love love love you and your channel. I just want clarity with what you'd like our (the fabbies) help.)

  17. Melissa Butler

    You look beautiful today!

  18. Jasmine Lakorn

    I wish your next message would be about forgiveness. If we don't forgive ourselves for our lapses, we will never get ahead, but be sunk in despair. Part of it is accountability, but the next step is to forgive your self and move on.

  19. Tamson Darland

    Accountability gives us a Starting Point. A Start Over Point and The Point of Wanting to Succeed in a Very Positive Way. .Thank you Stephanie for your Inspiration. Love Tamson 💕 💕😇

  20. Dish with Dee

    You can try and film what you eat in a day to keep you more accountable ….

  21. Rosa Lucio

    You are so right!!! Keep going!!!

  22. SportsAndWit

    I hate the word accountability when it comes to wright. It sounds like punishment and prison. 😂

  23. Victoria Hueber

    I'm accountable to my personal trainer but it'll be less so from now on because due to money issues I have to cut our sessions down from once a week to once a month. But I also have a blog that's good for keeping me accountable at bipolarweightloss.com

  24. Karen Wallace

    You make me laugh you are so funny 😂

  25. Maggie French

    On a cool note…you look way smaller than this time last year!

  26. J Jsinger

    It IS difficult, so difficult, but stay with it and be proud when you do it!💕 It will pay off in a wonderful way!

  27. Cindy Watman

    I love being part of this “fabbie family”. It’s so comforting to know that there are so many people who understand the struggles we go through in trying to lose weight. I can totally relate to the comment you made about your husband.My husband has never had a weight issue and just doesn’t understand when I get so upset after eating something I shouldn’t have, or he tells me to “just put the
    food away” when I’m in the midst of a mini binge (haha- is there such a thing?)He thinks he’s helping but I he just can’t relate to the constant struggle I deal with. I lost 31 lbs between June and October, got off track in Nov. and I’ve been struggling ever since. I gained back half the weight I lost and it’s so disheartening. I know that when I stop going on the scale every single morning I’m in trouble. I pledge here to all my fabbie friends that I will keep in mind that weigh day is just around the corner and hopefully that will help The scale= accountability to me. But this great family of understanding friends here gives me the motivation and strength I need to succeed! Thank you all and I’m here sending out my love and support to you as well.

  28. Susan Bybee

    We must be on the same wavelength. I've been looking for accountability buddies in real life. I'm at home on your channel, so let's accountability here!

  29. Robin Anderson

    Officially 10 lbs gone. It's taken since October…..now 20 more to go! Thank you for the encouragement and you being real!🤗

  30. Jolynn Harper

    I believe in you, tell I'm in Mississippi, wish I was closer we could exercise and plan menu's. I know you can do this.

  31. Amy Tremblay

    You look fabulous

  32. family tea and lots of yarn.

    You can totally blast that 15 pounds I put on 12 so let go girl we can do this!!! I want 3 pounds off minimum this next week u weigh in Friday.

  33. Ginger Platz

    You got this girl! I look at it this way.. when I’m good I can lose 2-3 pounds a week. That means that everyday you’re good you lose a little less than half a pound a day. That motivates me more than anything. You can do anything you want to do!! Make up your mind and give it 100%!! Not 98! 💕💕💕 I’m rooting for you!! I’m 15 pounds away from my goal. And it’s hard, but I really want this.

  34. Obesity is Not Me

    I'm down!!!! Be careful what you ask for. Did you make a exercise goal for 2020 yet? Join OMAD CAROLINE's exercise challenge with YouTube weight loss friends.

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