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  1. Jose Ortega

    Damm Mookie getting stronger by the day

  2. Alldingo

    You are smashing it, keep it the great work.

  3. Daniel Cruz

    I’m currently down 40 pounds from 300 , you inspire me man thank you


    Go mookie !


    I’m so proud of you boy 🔥🔥🔥

  6. 19JUN67 19JUN67

    Good job Mookie. Hard work pays off

  7. Alex Perez

    good shit mookie keep grinding 👌💪💯

  8. Andrew Hansen

    Yaaaaa buddy great progress I believe In Your journey you can do it bro cant stop won't stop now

  9. FIT 305

    Go mookie

  10. Dj Lalo

    New subscriber here coming from pit bulls Channel. I'm here for too carnal keep on doing good work.💪

  11. Jose Mercado

    If I stretched like that u would need a tow truck to get me up. Good job mooky u r a true inspiration. Keep up the awesome dedication.

  12. gunfighterdrummer

    Mookie, thats a BAAAAAAADD DUDe!

  13. Goonee Googoo

    Heck Yeah Mookie!!! Another Texan here loving your vids and your hard work. I'm struggling to lose 50 but it' really my fault. I have no discipline and I tend to lose my drive very easy.

  14. Rekha Rani

    Best of luck dear.

  15. nickyocean

    You ok brother take care!

  16. Chris Williams

    Get in contact with (OMI in a hellcat)he's a big brother that needs help check out the youtube channel!!!congrats!!!

  17. Mikkie Puch

    Stay strong Mookie!! Congrats on the 100lbs off!! Love from Dallas,Tx

  18. Salomon Almaguer

    Watching you on your weight loss journey helps me with mine own. and i know how it fills i was at 320lbs now down to 280lbs it's not easy but it's always for the better. Keep strong 💪🤘

  19. t inmortal

    Good job bro, you can do It

  20. J G

    Bruh you got this

  21. Whaynna Araugo

    Nice place

  22. Whaynna Araugo

    Love the you are natural keep up the excellent work god bless

  23. Forever From Texas

    I’m proud of you bro, you’re an amazing inspiration.

  24. Lord Farquad

    What are u Hispanic, Mexican

  25. Zeroing Zach Attack

    Loving these videos Mookie👍👍 I’m getting closer to a 50 pound loss and whenever I feel like caving in I just watch you’re videos for that motivation stay strong man 💪💪

  26. know thy self

    Your doing great,im on my journey too,new subbie ❤

  27. Big Slick

    Mookie I was 290 at 15 years old last year and now I’m 245. I started working out more in the summer and sprained my ankle and couldn’t do nothing for like 2 months and lost all hope. Once I saw pitbull post his first video about You I instantly got motivated by you. Now I’m working out every single day with no excuses even when I’m hurting. I’m getting pre paired for rugby season and I’m ready. I just wanted to say thank you for your motivation, I really look up to you.

  28. Alex V

    You the man Mook! Your the reason I started watching Pitbull and love your new channel!

  29. Taco Platter

    Doing these exercises at his body weight is damn impressive! Your journey has been inspiring

  30. S2H

    Hey bro. Lets see them recipes. Diets where i bitch out at. I workout 6-7 days a week.

  31. Suyapa Godoy

    Mook the Lord Jesus loves you, he Aldo want you to dedicate that braveness to him just like how great you seek being better. Love you !!! God bless you Mook

  32. AA Ron anonymous

    Much love frm Colorado!

  33. Willy Nino

    You and pit sister tho 😏

  34. Cathy Miranda

    You are amazing. You are setting a good example for all of us.

  35. Shu

    mookie you live nice what do you do for a living

  36. Joseph Logan

    Damn these look like a great workout to do a night im For Sure going to give it a shot. I'm on my own weight loss journey lost about 24 pounds so far u def help motivate me to keep going

  37. CAF420ALLDAY7

    Omg mookie i finished this circuit about 45 minutes ago and i still feel tired af how do u do it bro respect

  38. kabir bisht

    What about the diet ?? Mention that too because I believe it was the factor which helped you more than the workout

  39. ABHISHEK Jain

    Do suryanamaskar . Complete body exercise 👍

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