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    so happy for you bro keep up the great job you are doing .

  2. James cash

    Mookie does pitbull tell you about the supplement plan?

  3. Daniel Perez

    Mr. Mookie, getting skinny like hitting the pookie! 😄👍

  4. Paula Flores

    U aint week thats how Mookie do it keep up the good workout👍 Mookie and Pitbull putting in hella work💪

  5. Manny T.M.T

    Very proud of u bro

  6. Blue 30's

    It’s nice how much he really looks up to Pitt !

  7. Aman D

    Bless up bro, your motavation is blessings others. Your an inspiration. Dont let us down.

  8. Adrian Ortiz

    I’m an older man and I have to say I lost my motivation. You helped me get my spark back thanks for sharing your journey 👍🏽

  9. Nate Physique

    Dope video bro, if you want any free training hit me up. What you’re doing is inspiring:) keep up the good work

  10. entyce66

    you have the best trainer pit is a good guy i’ve been following him since strength cartel but for some reason he didn’t belong in that crew good luck mookie

  11. Brit Styles

    Mookie, been following since day 1 – keep it up bro much love from TX

  12. zomum

    Mook I’m really proud of you man. You actually motivated me on my journey. Some videos you bring me to tears man. Thanks mook for being so kind and courage others. You really helped me. Thank you so much

  13. torreskid3

    Dope af

  14. Rogelio Haro

    Mookie I love your video

  15. Julio Ortega

    Keep it up brother!! I am with you i was 555 lb once you can do it.. God bless you

  16. Alain Swanson

    Yo Mookie!! Keep this going homie… you and pit make a great team and it just feels real, rep the rarebreed life.. how do I get those T-shirt’s in the U.K.?

  17. Alex Palomino

    Let's goooooo. I'm right here with you bro I'm 5-11 250 lbs. And I just started boxing every other day and lifting the days I don't box. Your videos are encouraging and motivating… Thanks Mook

  18. tito orta

    Let's goooo mook.keep it up

  19. 303 larryog

    Keep it up Mookie !!

  20. D Monkey

    You Latino or middle eastern?

  21. Robert Avendano

    Like Good job but to many like likes for me

  22. Jose Campos

    That’s what’s up Mokie keep up the hard work thanks for helping me change my mentality I needed to hear that it’s such a good reminder I’ve been watching your videos keep it up man! It’s all you!!!

  23. Miguel Jimenez

    Mookie bro, it's insane how mentally strong you are. It's really difficult for me to keep consistent.

  24. LDAHIAN17

    Keep up the grind bro, you inspire so many ppl with your health n fitness journey 💪

  25. Safwan Khan

    Welldone man! you r anspiring to all fat guys

  26. G TM

    I wish the best for you carnal, keep up the great work

  27. Ashish Dahabara


  28. Josie Henriquez

    Wow congratulations i would love to see what you eat in a day everything actually, best wishes I've lost more than 100 pounds its been so hard i ache everywhere every day. I'm almost done with my goal ill be waiting for more videos thank you for sharing.

  29. Star Lord

    You are on the road man so cool to see you trying to change your life much love and respect
    I’m subbing fasho!

  30. Ray Tongolei

    Awesome Mookie….thank you for sharing your journey!

  31. Johnnie5 LBC213


  32. Macgucci


  33. Brian Ly 2202

    Big ups to you Mookie for what your accomplishing. Nearly 100 pounds in no time. #Unreal #RBLife #NoExcuses #Mookivation

  34. Spooky Kid

    Ngl mookie ur sexy asf

  35. J GTRZ

    Subscribed bro keep up the progress

  36. Manuel Flores

    I was 252 I dropped 60 pounds I was about to just give up but you motivated me to keep going 💯

  37. 760BassFishing

    Thanks Mookie for opening up you got me motivated thanks brotha. I totally appreciate you man keep up the grind brotha

  38. A. G

    I have torn meniscus I been dealing with for almost 5 years and its affecting my life physically, emotionally, and financially. I life it’s been downward since, how did you dealt with it and overcome it? You’re response will be much appreciated

  39. Death of a Lifestyle

    Mookie! Just came over from Pitbull's channel. Your weekly weight loss is dope as hell. I just started back on my weightloss journey and have been hittin at least losing that 7 lbs a week as well and Im glad to see how you are able to continue to 13 weeks of losing the same weight cuz Im at the same weight you were before so it's hella motivating. I feel you tho, whenever someone tried to say something to me like "maybe you shouldnt eat that" or try to guide me to somethin else I'd catch an attitude and not want to be around them since they judged my eating. It really is real that we just gotta want it for ourselves before we become receptive to any sort of advice

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