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  1. Mookie Yaz

    Thank you everyone for the support! I want to post more content like this on my channel. Please follow me @mookie yaz

  2. sct11s45

    Taking off the shirt for weigh in as if it makes any difference lmao. That’s like a grain of sand in a desert.

  3. javier velasquez

    Dude don’t be scared of olive oil, it’s good for the blood
    Fats are good. Gets rid of old fats

  4. Jafaar Ali

    If Mookie could use organic eggs he would be 230Ibs now.

  5. Anaissa Marty

    Keep doing your thing mookie💯 I see that hustle in you and that weight is definitely coming off 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💯

  6. Edwin Heredia

    Everyday thanks God that you losing that weight and that you have a good friend beside you helping you to get there is a blessing 💯🇵🇷💪

  7. Jesus Guerrero

    I’m so happy he said “welcome to my crib”😂😂👏🏼

  8. Marc Tudon

    Great job Mookie! We proud of you down here in Houston TX! Get it homie!

  9. Jorge Pena

    Great job carnal

  10. Mikhail Fuchs

    95 pounds in 12 weeks nice work. What's the brand of juice you use?

  11. Clayton Esprit

    Mooky looking buff😂😂

  12. 3,436,735 views

    Good job mookie,👍🤘😎

  13. Chance

    Awesome keep it up very inspirational

  14. Jeff Kha

    how the fuck u lose 96 pounds so fast!

  15. Ronald Marmol

    Good work may I suggest buying the spring salad mix from costco instead of buying those small bags of salad its more convenient and economical and may I also suggest making your own salad dressing those pre made salad dressings have a lot of sugar and salt. But all in all congrats good work keep up the good work. 👍🏻👍🏻💪🏼

  16. Im KraX

    Great content man. Im on my own fitness journey and seeing Mookie every week losing weight makes me stay on my shit. Im in a better position starting than mookie, so what the hell excuse do I have!

  17. Hassan Ali

    I'm really happy for him. It really motivates me to see him loose.. Best regards from all the way in Kenya

  18. Strengthprodigy

    Way to go mook! Doing it up! A pound a day! Keep it up!!!

  19. Johnny Garcia

    Already Mookie keep pushin big homie

  20. Hay Mamacita

    Coming next Mookie cooking channel

  21. Austin Brock

    Keep it going my man, wish you the best!

  22. Chris English

    Wow bro! Almost 100 lbs in just 12 weeks! The definition of hard work pays off 💪💪. Keep grinding Mook. Keep up the great work yall. NO STRUGGLE, NO PROGRESS.

  23. Chris English

    Wow bro! Almost 100 lbs in just 12 weeks! The definition of hard work pays off 💪💪. Keep grinding Mook. Keep up the great work yall. NO STRUGGLE, NO PROGRESS.

  24. Landon Hughes

    I love watching these while I’m on the treadmill, man! This is good shit!

  25. Brandon McConnell

    Broooo where can you buy your merch

  26. Sacha hofz

    Wow dude 100 pound loss.. u can achieve everything from here.

  27. choosehowyou choose

    God bless you Pitbull you helped save this man's life mooky looks great and a lot healthier now!!!

  28. Mark Billman

    Pit putting on weight to see

  29. chad maxwell

    Good shit mookie so proud of you bro! Your blessed to have such a good friend,coach, and motivator like Pit in your corner! Keep it up mookie your killing it big bro! 💪🏻

  30. Gilbert Laplant

    Get it Mookie im with you bro 52 pounds down and feeling Better than ever

  31. Parrish Johnson

    Aye have u went down any Jeans sizes

  32. Marco Zappala

    this is so inspiring!!

  33. Marco Zappala


  34. destroying messi fan boys ronaldo the GOAT

    Inspector gadget about to join the rarebreed tired of getting payed of t-shirts and dead game.

  35. Jon C.

    1:50 Mookie took it back to the early 2000's

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