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  1. P J

    Get some new slogans bro. "Get this money, get this money.." what are we doing here oh yeah that's right "get this money" come on

  2. Pe Vargas

    Face looks thinner. Way to go!

  3. AceGetsFit

    i had no clue you were doin a weight loss bet or i would have joined ..jan 1st i was 310 as of today im at 290 i already dropped 20 lbs …lets get this shit ..i started a youtube and i do a update weight in each week check out AceGetsFit ..keep killin it

  4. Teige Parkinson

    Get it my brother!

  5. 1988Wildchild1988

    Keep it up! Respect Big Boy!!

  6. j Mac

    Inspiration for all bro, looking sharp already uso! meen!

  7. RGV fishing & Texas pipeline videos

    When is strength cartel going to do a colab with rear breed

  8. Erick Vasquez

    Just in your attitude bro, I see changes already! 👊🏽💙

  9. SilverSeeker1

    I wonder who's his baby he keeps on mentioning on this video?? 😂😁

  10. Richard Foster

    Let's go mookie

  11. de Jay

    Glad so see u make a positive change dog u gonna be fit af

  12. Kemet Speaks

    I’m with you on this weight loss💯💯💯💯

  13. Jeff Baker

    Hey good job on the weight loss journey do you ever hit the decline bench I see flat and incline. Any pointer on the weight lost I’m currently at 442lbs

  14. KanakaMaoli825

    I see the difference in your face

  15. jahmoan69

    Lets get it big boy …good luck my bro

  16. Colon Edwin

    I'm gonna tell my kids..this was Mookie..

  17. MonDakLiving

    New to the channel brother, you're a damn beast haha I am just getting into trying to get my fat ass in shape as well. Keep up the great work and power thru!!

  18. P DUB

    I get off work and watch your videos which makes me get off my ass and go to the gym in this cold ass Colorado weather!! Thanks for the motivation !

  19. Darth Larper

    I'm still seeing a pansota on pig boys lard ass 🐷🍔😂

  20. Carlos Vega

    Stay focused homeboy that’s it discipline as well

  21. Joe Zilla

    What up Mookie!

  22. Luis Leon

    I just found your channel almost a week ago and I'm already hooked! Your killing it bro!!

  23. 187_Diesel

    Fast and coffee enemas ftw

  24. C T

    I would sacrifice strength for being ripped any day of the week. Gotta show off that hard working bulk big dog.


    He should get Pitbull torres to train him with the weight loss since hes transforming mookie. Hire that man!

  26. Anthony Partida

    Havnt seen some of the original guys on here I know pitbull broke off

  27. BrisThaBraveheart

    Good shit bruh! Lol you keep saying you don’t wanna lose any strength during your weight loss journey but shit even if you do lose some strength, you’re still gonna be stronger than 99% of everybody 😂😂😂

  28. yordan rodriguez

    Like the positivity

  29. Chunky Father

    Hell yeah. Hit that treadmill, I am wit y'all

  30. Elver Galarga

    Whats your diet like

  31. Goonee Googoo

    Man this dude a joke. RAREBREED all they way chump ass pendejo.

  32. Ramiro Treviño

    Hell yeah bro your the only reason I’m tryna lose weight I keep falling off I used to be ripped and all muscle now I’m husky and all muscle but I wanna get slimmer and still have muscle when I seen big boy doing this it gave me that motivation keep that grind up karnal

  33. King Worldwide

    Strength cartel is ready for the strong man competition.

  34. Ray Ray

    Big Ray Ray from south Florida down from 378 to 305 I hit a road block but I’m ready to go down to 240 this year rock on to all the big guys hell yes

  35. Souljah Slim24

    Mookie Jr😂🤣😂

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