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  1. o v

    where can i get that black long sleeve you wearing pit? fire homie

  2. ЕML G

    When the video started Pitt looked bigger than Mookie 😀 😀 😀

  3. FR33W1LS

    Your an inspiration bro! Iʻm on the same journey. Mad love all the way from NZ!

  4. Remo Kelm

    Shoutout to #JoeRogan #PowerfulJRE Pit and Mookie deserve to be invited to the Joe Rogan Experience. They have to spread their words to an even bigger audience. Homies have so much inspirational to say. This incredible weight loss journey has to be told on a bigger stage.

  5. Big Fern

    Hes so much more confident, that's dope. Dedication you dont see in many. Strong brother.


    I definitely respect videos like this. Workout vet using his skills helping others.

  7. Leo Ramirez

    Mookie the man

  8. //DGLimits// -

    I want to hit 160 by the time he reaches 200 this shit is motivation for me ( btw I’m trying to gain weight I’m at 137 rn)

  9. Tito Rodriguez

    U gave me hope Mook

  10. Duh Thang


  11. Hector Tamayo

    You got this! Good job!

  12. Rogerio Rodriguez

    Moogie you have my 100% support

  13. Rogerio Rodriguez

    Excellent job guys keep up the good work

  14. MrCheekClapper

    Yo look like a completely different person already good shit

  15. Eddie Figueroa

    People that are very heavy like that need to get a doctors physical first, just saying. I guess they listen to you heart etc.. to see if you won’t pass out or other complicated things that can happen if you over do it physically.

  16. Lgr 931

    Let’s go mookie

  17. rise & shine and win

    Working out in chucks sucks when you're obese.

  18. HipHopAintDead718

    Respect fellas 💪👍

  19. eddie castro

    drop him on stairmaster for 45 min I vouch for it he gonna lose more weight

  20. Liam Mcgonigle

    Great job guys!

  21. Jonathan Ocana

    yo pit what you got under that blue tarp ? another 50? get that shit mook !!💪💪💪

  22. Peter L

    Keep up the Great Workouts 🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼💪🏼

  23. noah arce

    Mookie goes turbo dookie😳💩💨

  24. Hopeboy June

    Will you ask Pitt if y’all come come to Waco and change my life

  25. Bearoh

    wtf i saw an ad before this that said don’t excercise because it’s bad for you

  26. derek song


  27. TEE

    They look like bruddaz

  28. SlimDown Queen

    Love this! It inspired me to start my journey and record my progress on YouTube. I'm doing a 20-day detox juice fast. I'm 120lbs overweight due to my height 5”1 I just had a baby… But I'm ready to shed this negative weight! Looking for all the inspo and motivation I can get!💕💕

  29. SopaEJH

    At this rate only 2 more weeks and mookie gonna be under 3


    Shave That Hairy Ass Back Mookie Then You Will Look 10 Pounds Smaller

  31. Can I Wave?

    Mook out here trying to kill it. You look skinny man. Great progress.

  32. Atta Sirhandi

    In a year he will be shredded if he continues like that

  33. Monte

    lookin good Mook…….your a Bada**

  34. MJ 7

    Were staying with you from start to finish keep it up champ

  35. Sagar Dhanuk

    Big 💪 up man 🤙🤙🤙

  36. Isjhoel Canizales

    Good shit!!!!!

  37. Super Friday

    Let' goooooo

  38. aboutblank

    Please dont bust another gut

  39. Omoruyi Omofonmwan

    You guys looking dope in that black crewneck, anyway to cop that?

  40. Samuel Cruz Jr

    Thanks Pit you are a motivator!!!

  41. Samuel Cruz Jr

    Keep up the good work bro you’ve progressed so much! Pit you going to do well without the Cartel you have the drive! That’s all you need!

  42. Muneeb Iqbal

    Legit wright loss journeys. None of that fake tell them to do it on there own time and then wonder why there not loosing weight

  43. Rus R

    I want see 200

  44. SeekOne.

    Pit, your content is fucking great bro. 20 weeks and I’m wondering what I’m doing with my life ahah

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