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  1. Melissa Garcia

    I freaking love mook and his confidence. I’m very happy for you mook! Props to Pit too for his guidance and push!

  2. Bo Firstenberger

    Im in it

  3. Sguachman 00

    Been in and for months 👍awesome progress. I need some of that

  4. Carlos Borrayo

    40:07 shout out to mookies confidence a true inspiration!

  5. erik tenecela

    Mookie da goat bro 🦾💯keep it up 🙏

  6. Tittie Nibbler

    Does Mookie still smoke cigarettes?

  7. Joseph Alvarado

    Mookie is a beast!👌🏼

  8. J Meza

    GO HEAD MOOK!!!!!

  9. tony slaughter

    Did you skip leg day?

  10. good bro.

  11. Mike Mcintosh

    lets go muk

  12. Alex Herrera

    4th quarter!!!!!!!! Do this shit mooooooooooooks

  13. Kevybear

    good shit man stay at it man

  14. Alberto Hernandez

    By any chance are you going to create a workout program?

  15. Right One

    You definitely see the deference

  16. Stephan Humphrey

    I watch the first video of this weight loss thing on pits page and this mookie dude has changed more than physically .. good job makes me wanna loose some lbs

  17. Lyndon Moore

    Let’s MAKE #MOOKIE2020 trending

  18. Lyndon Moore


  19. Lyndon Moore


  20. Lyndon Moore

    I know what he is what feeling…
    That inner fire to win in the pit of his stomach 🔥
    He’s got a mile ahead of him💫
    But He Knows he will run it⛹️‍♂️
    Head for the summit 🌍
    Watch his weight plummet 💦
    Just know he is coming 🔥
    Cuz you run it ⚡️

  21. W Bishop

    Good job guys💪🤛👍✌

  22. Jarmar Fuerte

    Does he have a diet plan

  23. Jarmar Fuerte

    His not losing weight he eating too much

  24. Lyndon Moore

    Inspiration is here

  25. Lyndon Moore


  26. Lyndon Moore

    I gotta count my calories

  27. Lyndon Moore

    I’m 289 Right now

  28. Lyndon Moore

    3.2 loss

  29. Lyndon Moore

    Let’s go

  30. Lyndon Moore


  31. Tonyy Hernandez

    This fool channel is too gay porn for me how you goin to put your homeboy on his chonis come on dog thats too much learn from big boy that fool is traight up g

  32. sanaya209

    Keep killing it big dog! Don’t stop!

  33. Krow

    You got it, you be there soon

  34. Keith Jackson

    Keep grinding brother! It’s all on you!💪🏾

  35. DougEdwards317

    Dam i wish i had a real partner like pitbull smh man he a real dude for wat he doing 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 love the bond

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