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  1. muhammed sheriff

    Daaaamn mookie lost maaaad weight keep going bro! Keep inspiring more people! Lookin good bro 👌🏽

  2. ed b.

    Who made this video? It was tight for real.good shiz fellas much love

  3. Enrique Rice

    Now do machine u will be hruting like hell

  4. Adnan Ansari

    Buy a stabalizer its too shaking

  5. Leonel Castaneda

    You can do it Mookie!!! I just hit 300lbs in my weight loss journey. Haven’t been at that in a long time! We got this bro!

  6. Abhishek Biswas

    This is why I'm scared to look at mirror nowadays

  7. MrConnorTube YT

    Keep pushing man!💪

  8. huup Halen

    Your gaining muscle too ceep up the positives work

  9. tommie hall

    Keep working Mookie you got a lot of people like me pulling for you!

  10. cal Cutts

    Damn bro is your phone okay?????😯😧😟

  11. George Rodriguez

    I haven’t been here in a while man……! You do not look the same at all.! Not at all, you can tell it’s more flab then fat now.!

  12. Eduardo Guerrero

    Dam bro you stepped your game up with the video shooting drone and music it was badass

  13. Micaela Hearn

    part of cali are you guys in for the meet an greet?

  14. Alfredo Beltran


  15. FloxaZoRx

    What happen if he start taking steroids

  16. brown

    hey looks great trainee fitness result is so amazing

  17. Edwin Urena

    You can make some wallets wit all that skin

  18. Alberto Lopez

    Wheres that spot at ?

  19. Slummy Slangers

    Love seeing people doing sum about it

  20. HvargasJr86

    Mookie is putting in work. I need to get on that plan

  21. John V

    Man did the Mustang catch flames 🔥. I seen the video

  22. delonzo83

    Yesss the thowup i love that feeling 😂😂😂😂😂🤙

  23. Craig Christ

    Keep it up big dog. Really respect the commitment man

  24. john smith

    Damn , he looks bigger than 300 pounds…. w

  25. tito orta

    Great video…yall 2 are monsters

  26. Tinaa Xx

    Its clearly that someone's hating because you can tell that you are getting smaller. Your arms and stomach look like they are toning up. Good job, wow they gave you the footage off of the drone. How nice of them, that was a good scene there.

  27. XayBo's SVT

    Why mookie looking like a teenager

  28. Angel Gutierrez

    Mookie straight up stripped no fucks given! 😂🤣💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


    My nigga mookie puttin in work respect bro 🤛🏼

  30. EonLocc

    Man mookie dedication is unreal! He just puts that work in with heart with optimism all the way and the results show! You guys should come for a meet and greet to Bakersfield again for the fit xpo, and gather people around to hit the bluffs brotha! That’s an area on the hill side of town that’s insane for that cardio! 💪🏽

  31. Roman Lopez

    250 -> 185/191

    5 months if anyone ever tells you can’t do it. Do it and laugh at them.

  32. Nate Higgers

    You got this homie I’m 220 trying to get 140 ese we got this

  33. E Flo

    Screw all those who post negative comments!!! They hate themselves and their life’s and been through some shit and try to to pass it on to good people but 99.9% of the time it doesn’t work. At the end of the day they still hate themselves and good people keep grinding and always progressing!!! Keep it up Mooks and Pitt!!

  34. WolfenSteeler

    Get him a bike!!! It’s weigh better!!

  35. daniel bailey

    Much respect men stay positive..

  36. ray jay

    Good shit pitbull respect to you homie respect

  37. domanick09

    Gd he was and still is a big boy

  38. love India a

    Keep doing bro

  39. Hyro Glyphics

    Mad respect to Mookie! Keep the grind up! Much love from NorCal

  40. chris johnson

    You’ll love yourself in the summer! Can’t wait to see the transformation! Keep it up fella!

  41. Micaela Hearn

    your weight lose is very noticeable, don't listen to the people that are hating on you. we live in a crazy world an folks miserable an waiting on a downfall.. keep doing your thing Mookie your a inspiration

  42. Frank Gonzalez

    Keep up the good work, I'm pissed I missed the gym today

  43. Jose Sanchez

    Pitbull, it’s hard for me to go to gym I’m a truck driver, I need to lose 80 pounds. If you can hook me up w tips and day to day diet plans etc I am willing to pay and + bonus when reach that goal

  44. Jessie Urge a

    Pretty Soon You'll be able to see Your Sausage when you take a leak🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 keep up the good Work🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Jamie Green

    Holy shit!!!! Looking good


    Love from Canada
    Mookie a great inspiration always positive
    Pit is such a great friend

  47. Joe Garcia

    I was 300 a few months back and I find him to be inspiring. I let my self go ten yrs ago 210 solid. I now understand what’s it like to be obese. Your trainer has no idea but I was like him most my life and now find myself struggling, good job mookie, I get it bro. I am down 270 and I want to give up but I won’t. ✌️

  48. Shantanu Panwar

    Do 50 burpees and then squat 50 no rest

  49. Humberto Rodriguez

    Keep it up homie 🤙🏽🔥

  50. Ricardo Garcia

    Damn! Throwing up = pushing it to the limit

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