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  1. Ester Wadley

    Thank you. This meditation was so peaceful and beautiful.

  2. graziella Pirrone

    Thanks again Jason 😉

  3. Rugbygirl

    I listen to this every week. Thank you for your kindness.

  4. Trace van Lieshout

    Thank you, that was lovely! 😍

  5. Yvette Williams

    What happens with me is that when I listen at night and fall asleep to it the next day I don’t have the desire to nibble and my appetite is decreased . Every single time I listen and fall asleep to the ones I’ve listened to regarding weight loss they effect me this way. I don’t remember anything that was said other than the intro but the messages given to my mind really do work and I get a good nights sleep which is a great benefit because I normally sleep 4-5 hours every nite. ☹️

  6. Amber Smith

    So wonderful

  7. Claudia Pena Ribeiro

    Thank you for the video. You're changing lives for the best! May you have all the inner peace you bring to others. Thank you!!

  8. Alexis Wirz

    Absolutely LOVED THIS! I am just starting to meditate and this one I will do again 💗

  9. Lena - Lemana

    this made me cry…thank so much x

  10. M. Faye D.

    What about those of us who don't eat in excess or unhealthy, but are having a difficult time with out weight? Could u do one that is more general?

  11. Nothing Stays

    Thank you! This rainforest is a very beautiful place, and as you explain it with your soothing voice and pleasing music, it is very much soul-filling.. Its green, cool, filled with life, and vibrant.♡ This calms me really. Wonderful. Im adding this to my daily meditation.

  12. iii iii


  13. Maz Dela Cerna

    Glad I stumbled upon your channel!

  14. Jordann

    Thank you that really helped me calm down and start to face my inner problems I made this Visio my favourite thank you 😁😀😌

  15. Always Wandering

    Amazing meditation, thank you

  16. perfectly_frannie

    Thank you SO much. I listened to it this morning and all today, I have felt much happier than I have ever been.

  17. Shohreh S. Feshtali

    Thank you Jason for this wonderful meditation!

  18. LaVerne Ziegenfuss

    Thank you

  19. Maria

    This is so good Jason – is it available as a download yet !

  20. Lynda Price

    Hope you might consider putting this on Spotify? I would love to listen without adding to my Internet bill 🙂 I listen most nights to help with relaxing

  21. Bella

    I fell asleep doing this meditation. :O

  22. Pam Koenig

    Amazing meditation and it even totally chilled out my cat 🙂

  23. Jay Chapman

    I have tried listening to this 3 times and every time I have fallen alseep…..so relaxing 😴😴😴

  24. Susanna Di Milo

    Lovely bless you x

  25. Mindhub -Law of attraction Experiments

    I am starting from today..hope for best..

  26. Melissa Gordon

    This is my favorite guided meditation…so affirming and kind. Really helps, thank you so much. <3

  27. geminichick83

    omg this is great..I suffer from anxiety..and weigh issues..this made me relaxed.. I have gained a lot of the weight due to the medication that has helped me but I need to get this weight off and get my mind straight then hopefully eventually I will be off the medication this is the first step to a great new future thank you for this

  28. Emily M.

    This is definitely going to become part of my daily routine. I have never felt more at peace than I did listening to this. Thank you so very much for this video!

  29. Jennifer Deschepper

    Oh wow. I think this has now become a huge part of my daily life. Morning n before bed. I think e dry parent should have their teen listening to this. I suffer from severe panic attacks and anxiety n I feel so much calmer n confident after listening to this!!! Thank you. And God bless

  30. lolly

    I listened to this for the first time last night and I really enjoyed it. I fell fast asleep and had very lucid dreams. I woke up in such a happy state. Thank you

  31. Malin Johansen

    thank you, this has helped me to sleep many nights 💙

  32. Diane S

    just found you and the visualization was great. I feel very peaceful

  33. Queens of Dysania

    This was so beautiful! At the end I found myself crying and shaking with joy. I now have more hope then I've ever had for myself. Thank you!

  34. Edens Crossing

    Really wonderful experience! and my first meditation too!

  35. Luis Ramon Barreras

    Thank you!! I look forward to returning to the Rain Forest!!

  36. Clarissa C

    I keep falling asleep. Am I still getting the benefits??

  37. Roza Linn

    Jason, is there a place I can buy cd or DVD?

  38. Benny Boy

    The best and most effective visualization so far. Thanks. Subscribed.

  39. Autumn dallas

    That was so beautiful and ended perfectly timing in my workout ❤️❤️❤️💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Blair Thompson

    This helps me a lot, I had anorexia for over 6 years and became deathly thin. I tried to recover on my own and developed binge eating disorder, but this really helps me learn to listen to my body's own natural hunger cues instead of starving it. It helps me listen to my body and stop when I had enough. I am not perfect, I still over eat because my body is still afraid of starving again, but this does help me with my food anxiety and selflove. I am not trying to lose weight. I am trying to relearn how to listen to my body and give it what it wants and needs. Everything in moderation. There is a healthy weight for my body and it's more than I would like it to be but this helps me accept my body how it is and still take care of it, it is also very bodypostive, which is why i love this meditation. Nothing triggers my eating disorder, so thank you so much. It also helps me sleep. I just got shoulder surgery so sleeping is hard. I over did working out so I have had a lot of surgeries because I also didn't eat. I am still healing both physically and mentally and this really helps me <3

  41. Katie Maniaci

    Wow. Thank you for this, Jason.

  42. crazy Hannah Coy

    no i'll always be sad.

  43. BlueApples_What

    Peace and love! Thank you for such a calm meditation this place is amazing

  44. Michael Victor

    I have had a rough few days and was searching for a way out of a very dark place. Thank you for up lifting my spirit so I can make it through another day with my head held high.

  45. Lindsay Mead

    Question: Do the affirmations need to be said out loud during the meditation? I didn't want to risk pulling myself out of the relaxed state, so I just imagined myself shouting the affirmations from my place on the mountaintop. It was awesome.

    I can't wait to do this again tomorrow. Hopefully each time I do it, I'll get better and better at it. Thanks for making this. At times I felt so happy I could cry 🙂

  46. michelina dapuzzo

    This was wonderful. Thanks for uploading!!!!

  47. Shannon Phillips

    You rock. That was great.

  48. star4rmhtx

    I can't focus!!!!

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