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  1. mou xu

    OMG,you can losing weight in chengdu.

  2. Dave Trotter

    Thanks for the inspiration. I lost 60 pounds in five months when I lived in Russia. I started about the same time you started, and I weighed 293 pounds. Since I returned to the US, I have gotten into old eating habits and have gained 28 pounds back! Looking at were you are now, I know that I could have been at the same weight if I stuck to it. It has opened my eyes and put me back on track. Thanks!

  3. Sammie

    Way to go Austin! I eat Keto back home in America, but when visiting my son who lives in Beijing, I find it very hard to stay on this diet here in China. How do you do it? Do you mostly cook at home? If you go out to eat, what do you order and from where?

  4. Brandon Del Gatto

    Great job man!

  5. Ryn Shane-Armstrong

    Really impressive. Good work!

  6. Marco Redaelli

    I've been following you since 2013/4, when I decided to go to China for the first time to study the language, and guess where? Lanzhou! I've lived there for one year and a half.
    I wanted to say that I've seen you change a lot and you look much much better now, but… about that diet you're on right now… I wanted to share with you some videos. They're about facts, not beliefs.

  7. Chinaville

    Wow, 94lbs! Way to go Austin! That's incredible! Lookin' good my man!

  8. World Traveler东北

    Right on dude👍

  9. maccoretti

    Damn you're killing it well done man

  10. Aleena Fong

    great work Austin

  11. JIm Rowson

    Wow, a big change – you are looking much healthier. The hard part comes later when you try to maintain your weight loss. Well done thus far.

  12. Alex

    Well done. Do you also have less joint pain if you didn't drink for some days in a row?

  13. Taichi feel good · Norman Torok

    very good Austin!!!

  14. Alex B

    Unbelievable! Well done.

  15. Jonathan King

    Awesome stuff brother!!!

  16. Nelson

    I only saw your preview photo I have not seen the video yet. However, if you are only 43kg, please stop it. Eat more please.

  17. 吕双双


  18. pooi-hoong chan


  19. Irish In Asia

    Wow that's amazing man, well done! You should make a video on what to eat in China on a keto diet. I imagine it's not easy.

  20. Leonard V

    It's really impressive man. My only problem with keto is that joining it means joining the mob; it's really hard and scary to leave

  21. SteveOn23Acres


  22. Nano Media

    Wow dude that weight loss is incredible. Keto/carnivore is all the rage these days. Congratulations

  23. Qiu S

    Throughout the past several months, I thought you got a cancer. I thought you were going through the advanced phase of cancer that Steve Jobs went through during which, he got really really slim.

  24. nicholas williams

    Seeing you work hard on your well being inspires me.

  25. American In Taiwan

    Lookin good dude congrats, keep it up.

  26. Teridacktal Jones


  27. Saarland 2 China

    Amazing! Congratulations!!

  28. gooutoffashion

    Currently i'm watching all your Videos from the start.
    What a difference !!

  29. thnwgrl

    Good for you!

  30. Imbibing China

    Congrats on the weight-loss! Keep up the good work!

  31. sky wang

    I am too lazy to try

  32. ayylmao313

    "keto is hard"
    Let me tell you about something I like to call the "lamb skewer diet"

  33. copperpennymine

    Brilliant life move. Keep it up!

  34. TheSoloLife

    I think a cave in a temple would be cooler than a temple in a cave😀 Great Job on the weight loss! 💪

  35. Living in China

    Nice one Austin! that's insane weight loss, you basically lost the equivalent of a Chinese person lol

  36. Helen Lion

    Yep! Life is good ☯ especially when you meet your goals! congratulations 🐼👏

  37. That Xpat Fam

    You look fantastic! We’ve been doing keto and intermittent fasting here in Guangzhou as well so I understand the challenge.

  38. Robert C. Janse

    Looking good, keep exercising. No carbs in China is extremely difficult so great sticking to your commitment there.

  39. naaman kisby


  40. Billy Miner

    Wow! 94 lbs. That is amazing. Glad to see you are taking steps to focus on your health. Congrats.

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