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  1. Ashley Edwards

    I love yellow nectarines!

  2. chas4x4

    look amazing

  3. 13msleo

    I feel ya on the lower back stuff! I'm pretty much permanently on hex bar deadlifts and box squats.

  4. Jessica Scott

    I had the same lower back pain- I saw a chiro and it was actually a herniated disk due to forward head posture and disproportionate back/core strength. I have been pain free for over 6 months now and correcting my forward head posture with physical therapy. HIGHLY recommend a good chiro focused on root causes, not just pain management!!

  5. Sarah Peck

    Getting my nails done is not relaxing for me either!

  6. Amanda Walker

    I used to be a religious gym goer and I followed a strict diet. I followed so many of your bikini preps and even though I didn’t compete, I was “stage lean” out of the blue I was diagnosed with 3 bulging discs, degenerate disc disease (the imagining showed the discs very thin already, more so than normal for my age) and it’s caused me so much pain the last 2 years. I’ve had to switch to a much less strenuous work out, really reduce the weight and volume of my sets. I’m not going to lie, it’s been so difficult… I used to be able to do a solid 2-3 hours on the gym and now I’m lucky to hit an hour thirty on a great day. It honestly has been a life changer and often feel disappointed in myself. I don’t feel pretty or good about myself anymore. I still try and I stick to a Whole Foods, holistic diet. I also still follow you because you keep me motivated. Thank you for being such a role model. I have two daughters who are 10 and 7 and they also enjoy watching your vlogs. You inspire them to eat healthy (they only listen to mom so much about fruits and veggies 🤣) and work out. They love to do at home workouts. Thank you girl! I’m so proud of how far you’ve come! I’ve been an OG subscriber for years. Keep on slayin’!

  7. E R

    Appreciate the physique update and good to hear the back problem is being resolved. Plus, you can never go wrong ending your video with a little Bruce Wayne playtime!

  8. Paulie FinTechFit

    Kara, you are looking great. Keep it up!

  9. Ivan Borrego

    For a beautiful woman I raised the stars

  10. Carol F

    Agree nails getting done not fun

  11. Madison Scroggins

    I loved this! The end was absolutely beautiful! YOU are absolutely beautiful!

  12. the M

    I have changed my mind a many a times on getting my nails done for the sheer facts you stated

  13. James Daniel prayer van

    hotttttt looking good in the string bikini can sure use more of this look in your videos your beautiful

  14. Janet Acuña

    I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the whole struggle with the back pain, I have been have the same issue for a year and it's so frustrating!!! BTW girl you look amazing and your body is goals AF ! 😁

  15. Mike Martinez

    Really awesome relatable video for any males and females living healthy fit lifestyle!

  16. Heather Vazquez

    I completely understand the back pain. I have chronic back pain too. Lower back used to be horrible for me, it's gotten better and now I have a lot of mid back pain. Its AWFUL and frustrating. I often wish I could just feel normal and have great workouts like everyone else.

  17. Kelly Burek

    Great video! Loved you and Bruce playing at the end ❤️

  18. RO9


  19. Chelsea Field

    The part about a better time to “enter a cutting phase” hits home 😂

  20. jojessica

    My GCB is supposed to arrive today eeeeek! I used your code of course 🙂

  21. Chelsea Field

    I feel the EXACT same way about being at the nail salon/getting a manicure.

  22. Cupcake ForLife

    Kara, you look GREAT 👍 but you always do! And I completely understand your stress when getting your nails 💅🏻 done that’s why I actually stopped getting mine done and just went natural. Your nails always look so pretty though 🥰 Another great video 💯

  23. Sun Shine


  24. Taylor Orlowski

    Help me please! I lack the motivation to get started and stay going. Also I need help meal planning and what to eat

  25. amy skelton

    Hi Bruce! 😍

  26. I Run Things

    I loved seeing you this happy!!! Love these blogs and yes I hear you about the nails. It's not relaxing for me either


    I love nectarines

  28. Eternal Beauty247

    I absolutely love nectarines as well. 😋

  29. wurstd73

    Anyone else living for that donut bikini?! 😍

    Loved your view/approach to cutting! I'm getting married next week so I've had to work to maintain my weight so I can fit in my dress. I'm looking forward to coming back after the honeymoon and trying to cut again, and this advice will really help that.

    Can you do a video with more info specifically about Bruce Wayne? Can you talk about why you picked that breed, the struggle of raising/training him, how you guys take such good care of him, etc? He's pretty much my favorite thing about all of your videos, he's so sweet!!

  30. Denae B

    So happy your back pain is better!!! Being in pain is nooo fun and DOES mess with you mentally,,, good luck at the Olympia:)

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