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  1. Hey Maggie

    Jen don’t give up. I believe in you. Just found your channel and will be coming back. 🙂

  2. Lisa’s Life

    Jen I just feel sorry for you. I can’t imagine all the hateful comments you get constantly about your weight. This is your channel you can post whatever you want and share whatever you want. Don’t ever feel like you owe anyone an explanation. Hopefully you find what works best for you with losing weight and if not I still wish you luck. I’ve done the keto fad off and on for years and it wasn’t for me. I finally stopped eating meat,sweets, and drinking diet pop and now my body feels better than it ever has. It didn’t happen overnight. My husband loved me at my highest weight which was 175-180 and still loves me today at 155. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!!💜

  3. PunkRock W8Loss

    Make small changes to your diet and exercise. If you cut too much out of your diet and don't stick to some sort of excecise routine you will fail every single time. Make small changes to find what works for you. Consulting a doctor and a nutritionist would be good too.

  4. billie johnson

    I’m only saying this out of love ❤️ for your well being. It really saddens me that you have cancer and you have got to lose weight to be treated for it and it seems that even that diagnosis won’t make up your mind to do what it takes to get to that weight. I only wish you the best and I pray you consider your precious life is worth to save. God bless you. I’ll be praying 🙏

  5. Elena Schlundt

    There are also two amazing keto groups on FB,lazy keto for women and keto babes.

  6. Elena Schlundt

    Stress is also something that prevents you from losing weight on keto. If I'm stressed I'm out of ketosis . Sometimes we slip. That's absolutely okay. I've lost over 80lbs and this year I kept it really "carbi"😂 gained 10lbs and that's it. I'm good. Going back on track and that's it. You've only failed when you stop. Not when you slip . Go back on track. You got this

  7. Jessica Lynn

    I did Keto for 2 1/2 years and lost bout 90 pounds on Keto. But I found that using a lot of Almond Flour def was not good for me and Keto.

    I changed up my eating and it has helped me a great deal! I hope you can get back on track soon! I always love the way i feel when i lose weight.

  8. Gabriella Gulyás

    two words, calorie deficit!!! just try stick to a slight calorie deficit, let's say 1800-2000 calories per day for at least a month. i guarantee you will see weight loss if you are consistent. just try it please because your bodyweight is not healthy.no matter if it's keto or no keto the only thing you need to focus on is CALORIE DEFICIT

  9. iguana rowe

    Jen, you're glowing, tbh. The weight will come off eventually. Kudos to you and Gene for giving love a try!

  10. Curchel Smoot

    Did you, Chantal and Amberlynn Reid made a no weigh in pledge together?

  11. Bogle Reid

    You..foodie beauty..hungry fat chick and amberlyn are all full of Shit. All you do is eat Shit and talk about weight loss. Youre Not serious gorl.

  12. geegee whee

    Keto is no good if your not strict. It's even worse. If your doing keto do vegan keto. Just eat non processed foods. Whole food plant based.

  13. Vainglory Melons

    Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! At some point you have got to make stop making excuses when you screwup! People say to you Awww Jen don’t give up, just keep trying! No Jen, you can’t do this with your attitude and it isn’t very good, no matter how soft spoken you are, I think you are definitely passive/aggressive! Can’t you stick to something already! How can you love Gene, when you don’t love yourself! If you love yourself you would have taken your weight loss more serious and you would have had your cancer surgery already. So you don’t love yourself ! You’re in love with the idea of being in love! Gene being there is not going to help, i feel, it’s only going to hinder any improvement in your journey!My opinion!

  14. Lynn Kays

    Why not just eat Whole Foods ….. no processed foods. That works well for most people who struggle with Keto. That, and portion control.

  15. restless journey

    Keto does not work for everyone and dairy and meat does not help many people lose weight.

  16. restless journey

    She looks like she lost some weight..tbh

  17. Dancing Doll Party

    1. You look great.
    2. search intuitive eating on IG- focus less on weight- more on feeling good.
    3. Relax and enjoy life. Diets don't work- we all know that! Live your best life. I saw this quote and it says "overeating to cope with trauma as a child was resilient"- You are a child of trauma and you need to take it one day at a time. I think you are adorable and deserve the best.

  18. JBT

    I’m new to your channel….. as of right now.

  19. Vera Merlot

    It's getting cold honey don't fall for these Homeless Romantics.

  20. Javier Vargas

    Well, I've lost 170 pounds doing first keto, then carnivore, and now prolonged fasting in a little more than 8 months.
    I see no change in you, unfortunately.

  21. Vicki

    Love love gurl!! 💕🥰😍♥️😘

  22. Jen The Happy

    Just keep moving forward

  23. UNA Leem

    " – and thisssss is my channel" Not. It's the four walls that imprison you if you continue to gain weight. That apartment is no longer your security as Gene is on the lease. What happens if there is friction between you? Someone might need to move out and that could just as easily mean you!!!
    He is your first bf and you are in your 40's. His previous relationships haven't worked out. Right now each of you gain "something" from the other. Gene has gained a security and a home, change of environment, financial back-up. You??

  24. Chrisoula Lakkas

    Don't just accept where you are at in life. If you want to be better, do better. If you want to be more, do more. It's all on you. Do it!

  25. Silken dreams

    Looking forward to a Keto Thanksgiving video by you!

  26. Nikita36816

    Whilst I have reservations about Gene and am concerned for you, I still wish you the very best and hope whatever you wish for comes true.

  27. Rhonda Garrett

    Hi Jen. Also watch Dr Sten Ekberg. The man is genius! He's helped me in more ways than I can tell you. Very detailed information given in a way thats easy to understand. He talks about diet (keto & LC), health, how the body functions and what it needs to work properly to be healthy. I wish you health and lots of happiness in your relationship & life!!

  28. Brielle Lombard

    If you are happy, to hell with everyone else. No one can understand anyone else's relationship. But remember to have self love first.

  29. Majestic AF

    Go watch Dr. Ken Berry's channel. He and his wife are Keto and he explains so much about it. DO NOT LISTEN to the stupid comments here saying Keto is bad for you.. it's NOT those people are uneducated imbeciles!! Go watch Dr. Berry!!

  30. Rhonda Ramsingh

    Love is love. If you are happy, that's all that matters.

  31. Majestic AF

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! If you were close I'd invite ya over for a 100% keto Thanksgiving dinner with us! 😀
    You need to join the FB group "keto for beginners" they will help you soooo much!! It's a great support group! I am in it and I am also on Keto. Idk how long you've been keto but week 6-7 is when you should start losing/burning actual fat… the first couple weeks you're losing water weight then the weeks after your body is healing THEN… (depending on your health in the beginning) week 6-8 you should start dropping actual weight. What else you need to do… measure yourself!! You could be losing inches instead of scale weight!! Stick with it girl!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Don't get discouraged! And listening to you while I'm typing this… there are 3 types of keto… strict, lazy, and dirty and all three will work!!!! Please join that FB group you will understand whats going on with you so much better and understand the 3 different ketos you can do! DONT GIVE UP!! I PROMISE YOU YOU CAN DO IT! I also have a huge Idea List of over 300 keto foods and items on Amazon I could share with you! And you DO NOT have to share your weight with anyone! DO IT FOR YOU!! Don't do it for anyone else but YOURSELF!! You can do this, it is hard but I'm telling you YOU CAN DO IT!!

  32. Kell Bell

    Why are you in a wheelchair? I've seen you standing before. You should go out and walk with Gene. Use a walker if you have to. At least try.

  33. Karen Reynolds

    Happy for you!!!!!!!!!

  34. MyLife MyJourney

    Is this a feeder feedee thing

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