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  1. 정다은

    Thanks for your video I always try your pilate classes for weight loss . Its was so great for my body .I wanna ask how many times should i do this class for weight loss? pls reply me .I always support from asia country. You are an amazing teacher for me .

  2. Rachael Young

    this is absolutely brilliant you make me feel to elegant and feminine i love your creative workouts xo

  3. Juliana Amorim

    I have to disagree and say it's really weird exercising with narration like this… it feels unnatural, distant and impersonal. I struggle with the feeling I'm in a real, live class, being pushed by a person who is there WITH me. It feels robotic somehow, I'm sorry. Hope I'm not the only one, so that future videos can be improved on this subject. In spite of that, I love the channel 🙂

  4. Iva Kovacic

    This one is the ultimate challenge💪💪

  5. sofie catan

    Thank you for this!
    It seems a great workout! Sorry i'm french and i'm not sure that my english prose is correct! I have a lot of knee problems and so i do a lot of Pilates instead of doing fitness or running as i did before! So, i'll try this tomorrow morning!!

  6. Maylynno D

    love it !

  7. Sara Starbuck

    Thank you xx

  8. Lise Montaigne

    It looks fabulous ! Thank you for this beautiful workout and one hour that’s so great !!! Do you think you could make long stretch videos too ?

  9. mayneforrealz

    Thank you dearly for this class! <3

  10. Paula Domingo Pasarín

    You have such a gift for conducting workouts: your sequences are hard yet somehow your calm voice quiets the mind, which makes focusing so easy and rewarding. I’ve become more aware of how my muscles move and react! Thanks for your excellent work and all best!

  11. Aries too

    Please keep showing off feet. Lots of soles towards, painted toes, and arches..rotate circle ankles and feet and flexing pointing feet, putting soles together, wiggling toes, lots of attention to feet and booty thank u ❤️

  12. fransisca gunawan

    Thank you so much beautiful teacher, love from Indonesia 🙂

  13. Libellule 922

    Thank you so much…from France 😍

  14. Claribel Corona

    Happy new year! Lovely workout, thankful to you🙌

  15. Stephennn Jj

    Can't wait to get into this workout 😊, happy it's a hour lol, I hope i survive @Dansique Fitness

  16. Izabela Stefaniak

    Thank you 😊

  17. Neikekhrienuo Sote

    Really loved the video!! 😘

  18. Sarah Kistler

    It looks soo awesome!! Great work! 😍💖 Can I do the workout if I am an absolute Pilates beginner or should I start with something easier first? Maybe as a challenge?🍀💖 Xoxo

  19. Sonrisa

    A full-length! Thank you soo much for this excellent New Year (and Orthodox Christmas) gift!

  20. bhramara c

    Oh wo wo wo….new year gift to all of us… thanks 👼

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