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  1. Darlene DeVegan

    can't hear you. please could you make another one on weight loss and healthy eating and speak just a little louder please thank you

  2. Kiran Maharjan

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  3. Luiz Eduardo Oliveira

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  4. Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage

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  5. sulav niraula

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  6. Igor Burdukin

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  7. Cristi Ionut

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  8. shanu silva

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  9. jhony patel

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  10. Auditia Yudha

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  11. Aresh kumar

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  12. Jahid Tanjil

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  13. KiKiTheTechie

    You're from South Africa, could you post a video on the benefits of rooibos tea? It's not much talked about here in the US (or UK really, when I lived there). Curious if it has any health/skin/nutrition/etc benefits.

  14. mycherierose

    You're doing a great job. Some people are ignorant and bored so they sit on here with nothing better to do than insult people that are doing something productive with their lives. lol

  15. Kiran Dahal

    Yo, have you tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (check google). My father insists it helps people lose weight easily.

  16. Benjamin Cloutier

    can you make one that makes you gain weight? Out of curiosity

  17. Barbarianvibrations

    Oh, I love when she said "excersize shaps my body into my ideal proportions."
    Praise God, I think my brain will love this.

  18. sandra smith

    Have you heard of the baud by dr lawlis??? Are these binaurl beats the same as his??

  19. sandra smith

    Thank you for trying to help us with weight problems.. We need it…

  20. MadnZz

    @miiSamix it disturbes my concentration , i can't meditate to this

  21. Samantha C

    @andymboss Listening to her is a big portion of the exercise. No need to be rude.

  22. MadnZz

    make the bitch shut the fuck up i wanna listen to the bineural beats =_=

  23. TheBiganaconda

    Does this really work?

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